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India to Host National Delphic Games for Arts and Cultures in 2023

Apr 12, 2022 12:16 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India
  • Indian Delphic Council is in 25 states and growing as a part of a 65 country network

  • Members comprise of Professional Artists, Eminent Personalities across Art forms, Senior IAS, IPS officers, Academicians, Culture practitioners and Art Lovers

  • Hema Malini, Paresh Rawal, Suniel Shetty are Delphic Ambassadors, eminent personalities including Salim & Suleiman, Bhagyashree, Shreyas Talpade, Padmashri Bullu Imam, Padmashri Patricia Mukhim, Padmashri Mukund Nayak, Sanjoy Roy, Ruma Devi from the world of Arts and Cultures support the Delphic Games

  • The Delphic Games has historically been endorsed by Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, Eduard Shevardnadze, Helmut Kohl, UNESCO, Council of Europe, ASEAN and others


The International Delphic Council, based in Berlin, Germany ( today announced the National Delphic Games in India to be hosted in 2023; encompassing arts and cultures from 36 States and Union Territories to celebrate the vast diversity of India’s cultures and their artistic expressions. Slated to be the largest such platform in India, this promises to be a powerful medium for artists and craftspeople to showcase their talents and get honour while being a feast for art lovers.


Glimpses from one of the Delphic games


25 Indian States have already come together with State Delphic Councils to represent their unique cultures and arts and eminent personalities including Classical Dancer, Film actor and Parliamentarian Smt. Hema Malini, Actor and parliamentarian Shri Paresh Rawal, Film Actor Bhagyashree Padma Shri Mukund Nayak and Padmashri Shri Bullu Imam (Jharkhand), Nari Shakti Award Winner Smt. Ruma Devi (Rajasthan), Prof. Dr. Laltluangliana Khiangte (Mizoram), Shri Sanjoy Roy of Jaipur Lit Festival, Padmashri Patricia Mukhim (Meghalaya) have come on board as Delphic Ambassadors and members. The Indian movement has Artists, serving and former bureaucrats, arts administrators, business leaders, professionals from the creative and cultural industries sector as members.


The National Delphic Games in India will showcase competitions, presentations and exhibitions in 6 categories of the arts namely; Musical Arts and Sounds (vocal, instrumental, electronic), Performing Arts and acrobatics (dance, theatre, circus, puppetry), Language Arts and Rhetoric (prose, poetry, moderation), Visual Arts and Crafts (painting, graphics, sculpture, installation, fashion, photography, Crafts), Social Arts and communications (communications, internet, media, pedagogy, didactics), Ecological Arts & Architecture (urban planning, landscaping, preservation and conservation of Nature, preservation of monuments).


The Delphic Games in India will call for entries in the above-mentioned categories shortly from various States. The winners will represent India at the International Delphic Games which will be hosted in an International Destination 2026. Along with the National Delphic games planned in 2023, all the states in India covering Kashmir to Kanyakumari will host regular engagements across the six categories at the state and National level to continue the essence of Delphic Games throughout the year


Since revival in the modern era 27 years ago, 7 International Delphic Games have been held across Russia, Georgia, Germany, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, South Africa and artists from over 65 countries have participated in the Games. The International movement has been present in India since 2002 and has worked in close collaboration with the Government of India, Ministry of Culture. Indian artists from across the Country have participated in 3 international Delphic Games in Philippines, Malaysia and South Korea and have won laurels.


Elaborating the spirit of the Games, Mr. Christian Kirsch, Initiator & Founder of the International Delphic Council said, “The Delphic Games carry forward humanity’s enduring and universal desire for peace, understanding and collaboration. Perhaps at no other time in recent history have the Games been more relevant, more topical or had greater immediacy than the present time. Our world is beset with existential threats, unless we come together to co-opt each other and co-create our future, we will not know peace. India is Cultural powerhouse and is well positioned to do wonders for the world!”


Mr. N.N. Pandey, Interim Chairperson, India said, “We are very enthused with our International Parent entrusting us with the National Delphic Games in India in 2023. The Delphic Games are a unique phenomenon as they are the only such platform to scale globally. The salience of these Games lies in fostering and promoting the oneness of humanity through experience, understanding, appreciation and collaboration. India is a country which believes in Vasudeva Kutumbukam (the world is one family) - a credo which lies at the core of what Delphic Games are and must be the mantra of our age.”


About the International Delphic Council & the Delphic Games

Initiated in 1994 as a league of Nations, the International Delphic Council revived the world’s most ancient and only common floor for the arts and cultures taking inspiration from the legendary Delphic Games in Delphi in ancient Greece, with a successful history of 2600 years which celebrated the creative impulse of civilization, encouraging camaraderie and collaboration amongst peoples to foster peace and harmony in our world. The Delphic Games are also known as the twin sister of the Olympic Games and are for arts and cultures what Olympic games are to physical sports.


With a presence around the world. The Delphic Games have been hosted in 7 Countries in 3 Continents and has created a platform for the dialogue of arts and encounter of cultures to infuse a sense of tolerance, co-existence, co-creation, human values for a peaceful and harmonious world.

Glimpses from one of the Delphic games
Glimpses from one of the Delphic games
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