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Mental Health Based Community Now&Me Launches Individual Therapy Sessions on its Platform

Apr 26, 2022 12:14 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Now&Me, a mental health based community, has launched Therapy&Me to provide assistance to persons navigating the tumultuous waters of life with the goal of providing a safe space for young adults to talk about life all over the world.


Left to Right: Drishti Gupta, Bani Singh, Co-founders, Now&Me


The brand will start initially for single persons but down the line add other professional resources and support services, including group therapy, support groups and crisis helplines. For the same, the company will be availing of the services of qualified therapists, who will be listed on the platform with their name, qualifications, specialty, approach, and cost per session, among other details. Search, booking and payment can be made on the Now&Me app and portal, with patients being able to choose a day and time convenient to them. 


“Now&Me is now a large community where people talk about anything and everything. Through the interactions on the platform, we’ve realised that many people with mental-health issues often struggle to find the right kind of help. By introducing Therapy&Me on our platform, we’re making available experienced therapists from diverse backgrounds with the expertise to act as a helping hand. We hope people find the right professional for themselves.” said Bani Singh and Drishti Gupta, Co-founder(s) of Now&Me.


By making Therapy&Me available to those seeking it, the platform is orienting towards the ‘health and wellness’ domain, along with its ‘social’ focus. The Founders are looking to expand their services by providing users more coping mechanisms as support, which would include therapy that is accessible as well as navigationally user-friendly. 


About Now&Me

Now&Me was founded in 2018 by Drishti Gupta and Bani Singh with a view to providing a safe space to young adults navigating their life. In the coming months, Now&Me will be adding more features to its app and enhancing its services.



Left to Right: Drishti Gupta, Bani Singh, Co-founders, Now&Me
Left to Right: Drishti Gupta, Bani Singh, Co-founders, Now&Me
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