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Baniya Super Market Makes a Jammu-Delicacy Accessible Pan-India

The Business’s number one offering, Kesar Sund Panjeeri, is a unique recipe of North India’s most savoured nutritional supplement for warding off colds

May 05, 2022 16:28 IST 
Jammu and Kashmir, India

A hidden gem in the bustling streets of Raghunath Bazaar, Baniya Super Market has spread its wings to become India’s premier destination for Sund Panjeeri. The delicacy’s success and some great business strategies have led the company to grow exponentially. Once a sole and simple retail shop, the brand is now a chain store in Jammu and Kashmir as well as a high-traffic online store that ships all over India. Moreover, the demand for the product was so high that the company decided to open a new store at the airport to enable easier access for customers.


You may know Sund Panjeeri as a renowned Jammu-speciality and classic nutritional supplement. It typically consists of whole wheat flour, ghee, and dry fruits. However, the recipe varies between households and sellers – which is why Baniya Super Market’s Kesar Sund Panjeeri stands tall amongst other options. The store’s recipe is a unique offering. A peek at the label on Baniya Super Market’s Baniyadihatti Kesar Sund Panjeeri will tell you that it is a 100% vegetarian product with a tempting mix of almonds, cashews, raisins, and saffron with dry fruit sugar and pure desi ghee. Furthermore, the product is also enriched with essential vitamins and minerals. But what makes it unique is that the item is a homemade Panjeeri with kesar, in addition to its organic and farm-fresh dry fruit. And its hearty benefits contribute to a healthier lifestyle, to say the least.


Sund Panjeeri is known for warding off colds by generating more heat in the body. But what most people do not know is that the dry fruits also help alleviate body and muscle aches and lubricate joints. In fact, nutritionist Lovneet Batra also recommended it as a delicious snack for new moms, as it works as an excellent post-pregnancy body healer. On top of that, Baniya Super Market’s Kesar Sund Panjeeri is also cherished as a supplement for its ability to boost energy and immunity levels.


Mr. Sahil Aggarwal, one of the Managing Directors of Baniya Super Market, hints that the store’s growing success also lies in its founding mission and variety of offerings. He says, “The store is steadfast in its principle of producing and providing a wide range of healthy and organic foods among other household and personal care products. This dedication to creating a healthier India has garnered interest and won the hearts of our customers.” He added that Baniya Super Market has a range of top offerings that are in high demand in the Indian market, including Ayurvedic products, personal care products, sweets, eatables, and toys! Its best-selling products include dry fruits, Kashmiri shawls, Kesar, pure Shilajit, and of course, Kesar Sund Panjeeri. Additionally, the store’s a pioneer in marketing organic dry fruits, earning a reputation for their quality right from their humble beginning 35 years ago. The main factor behind their quality is that they are individually selected and harvested at their peak by experienced growers. The fruits are then gently dried and sealed in a manner that maintains their natural freshness. This efficient packaging system makes it feel like the dry fruits are delivered directly from farms to your doorstep.


According to a report published in the Economic Times, India imports around 36,000 tonnes of dry fruits and spices annually. The importing of dry fruits often leads to products being available at higher prices and that is where Baniya Super Market’s attractively priced options come into play. Customers are ensured quality products at honest rates. It does help that dry fruits are extremely nutritious and contain more fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants than most other types of food. In fact, studies by Penn State University have found that dry fruits are composed of various ingredients that contribute to better health. They also provide valuable nutrients and special flavours that appeal to everyone, more so to health-conscious consumers. And they can stay fresh for a long period, so consumers can rest easy and store them without worry.


About Baniya Super Market

Baniya Super Market is an all-purpose retailer that specializes in the production of organic and healthy products. Its commitment to quality and wellness has made the business a household name in North India and a reputed presence online. Since being established in 1982, the business has catered to consumers over successive generations, and now wants to further its reach all over India.

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