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Colive Launches Pathbreaking Video Rooms for Customers, Adds Human Touch

A dedicated team of Colive Experience Managers are available in a video room between 11 AM to 7 PM daily, except Mondays

May 12, 2022 12:23 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Colive, an AI-enabled proptech platform that is changing the way India rents, has taken a light year leap in addressing its tenants’ concerns & queries.


The consumer-internet landscape is laden with diverse queries by users (potential customers), who usually want to ask every possible question before signing up for a product or service. After a consumer has signed up for a product, the after-sales experience is also crucial towards long term retention, and for delivering an impactful CLV (customer lifetime value). Very few consumer brands (and even fewer platforms) have been able to successfully crack the consumer-concern challenge, especially at scale. Responding to customer queries over the phone or over text messages is often perceived as a gargantuan challenge, owing to the high volume of daily transactions & user movements.


Colive Cares - Colive Experience Managers


Colive, which operates both as a premium co-living service provider across its managed properties, and as an aggregator of rental properties across micro markets in Bengaluru and other metropolitan cities, has adopted a smart solution to this problem: Video Rooms.


What is offered to users


Once a customer makes a digital reservation to move into any Colive property, they are assigned to a specific ‘zone’, depending on the location that they’ve opted for. Presently, there are ten such zones in Bengaluru.

Users can navigate to & choose their property name from a dropdown menu, which then reveals their dedicated Experience Manager’s photograph & availability.


Each zone has a dedicated zonal Colive Experience Manager, who will remain available in a video room, between 11 AM to 7 PM every day, except Mondays. These officers have been trained & equipped to excel in handling a diverse set of customer queries through to satisfactory resolution, including technical issues, billing issues, operational challenges, and more. 


Why is this being done?

Colive is evolving from its original positioning as a large-scale landlord/operator of properties, into an experience-centric platform for the next billion house-hunters. With its proprietary bidding platform (Colive rentX) on the verge of nationwide explosive adoption, it is important to streamline the internal processes that drive customer experience. The objective is to provide a simple, friendly & “always-on” helping hand to everyone who has shown an inclination to live at a Colive property.


What’s the failsafe protocol for this?

In the event that a customer is not completely happy with the resolution received via their experience manager, they can further escalate their issue to a senior management team member on a Virtual Escalation Room (available at, and if they feel the need to escalate this further, the CEO himself will be reachable at the click of a button. Users can reach Suresh Rangarajan (Founder & CEO, Colive) at


The average age at which a user signs up for a co-living property as part of their lifestyle, is somewhere around 18 to 30 - an age where the experience of each passing minute is a permanent imprint on an individual’s memory & growth. With the Colive experience management team, India’s largest rental exchange hopes & aspires to become a permanent feature in the aspirational lifestyle of every millennial renter.


“While other consumer platforms can afford to rely on bots & cold communication engines to interact with users, the Colive brand belongs to a special category - our customers are perpetually engaged with us, because our product & services integrate into every aspect of their daily lifestyle. We believe in warm, visual cues, and a straightforward human touch when it comes to helping our customers, which is why we’ve chosen to enable video rooms where our tenants can freely express their concerns, interact & emote with a fellow human being in real time, and be completely satisfied at the end of every interaction. We are optimistic that this dynamic & personalized support engine will make the experience of living in a Colive home much more rewarding than ever before.” - Suresh Rangarajan (Founder & CEO, Colive).

Colive Cares - Colive Experience Managers
Colive Cares - Colive Experience Managers
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