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Creative Dukaan Making a Buzz in Indian E-commerce with 'KillingTheBoredom' Campaign

May 17, 2022 14:03 IST 
Baroda, Gujarat, India

Creative Dukaan, an India-based online store is making a buzz in the Indian e-commerce sector with its innovative approach to breaking the clutter and providing exclusive products for working professionals. If you ever feel that your life is becoming a set of predefined and repetitive activities, this is the place where you can reignite your creativity. Creative Dukaan is a brand that sells innovative and trending products with a core focus on laptop accessories like designer laptop bags, designer laptop sleeves, vegan leather laptop bags, mousepads, laptop skins, etc. This niche is already working well in the market. But what they have done with their #KillingTheBoredom campaign has set them apart from everyone.

Kushal Soni and Harsh Lakhotia, Co-founders of Creative Dukaan


By introducing the #KillingTheBoredom campaign they want to communicate their uniqueness towards the products people are using on a day-to-day basis. If you are using the same black color laptop bag or the old-fashioned stuff then it’s time to say goodbye to it and welcome style into your life. Now, another interesting news about the logic behind their new logo. If you look at the logo now, you’ll feel a hit of nostalgia. It will take you to your childhood when you used to play Pac-Man. The logo is a breath of fresh air which aligns with the creative target audience’s mindset and thought process.

This happened when Harsh and Kushal were working together one afternoon in their creative agency and found that the workspace had boring mousepads, desk mats and people carrying laptop bags were also almost similar. Nothing interesting or new to make the workplace feel like a creative space. The idea gradually took off with some creative designs shown by Harsh the very next day. Boom! They gave birth to the new look along with the campaign #KillingTheBoredom. They have changed this new avatar across all the social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The audience has well-received this change. They have made the mark by being successful with 3000 orders delivered to their valuable customers with great feedback.

Kushal Soni and Harsh Lakhotia, Co-founders of Creative Dukaan shared their words saying, “We always wanted to make people feel creative in both WFH and office environments. We at Creative Dukaan believe that creativity gives a boost to productivity and with a wide range of our office accessories, people have become vivid in their imagination. We enhanced our products with creativity and uniqueness too without compromising on the quality of the product. Our future goal is to bring more categories like MacBook skins, desk mats, cushion covers, and iPhone Covers to make lives more lively and add a pinch of creativity.”

Creative Dukaan started its journey in lockdown. It was a critical time when everyone was looking for something to make them feel better. The market also lacked well-designed laptop accessories with good quality material. This is where Creative Dukaan found a gap in the market and gave them a way to express themselves with creative products having good design and good quality. The future is bright for Creative Dukaan because they seek to inspire people to be creative and unique. They inspire people to be more expressive in their workplaces and home offices. There are big things in store for them as they plan to bring more of such creative products to make lives more vibrant. We shall all be witnessing more milestones where the brand flies in the sky with massive creative designs.

Kushal Soni and Harsh Lakhotia, Co-founders of Creative Dukaan
Kushal Soni and Harsh Lakhotia, Co-founders of Creative Dukaan
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