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Mindray's Latest Innovations Helping Optimize Clinical Workflow and Ensure Patient Safety at Tulip Hospital

Real-time Remote Patient Monitoring is made possible anytime, anywhere

May 24, 2022 16:12 IST 
Sonipat, Haryana, India

Mindray, one of the leading global providers of medical devices and solutions, ushers in its M-Connect IT Solution at the Tulip Hospital in Sonipat, Haryana, bringing about a paradigm shift in terms of making ICUs digital and enhancing critical care services. The M-Connect Solution is expected to allow round-the-clock expert critical care services to the remote area of Sonipat through the adoption of digital technology and innovation.

Real-time Remote Patient Monitoring is made possible anytime, anywhere by Mindray’s M-Connect IT Solution at Tulip Hospital


Tulip Hospital, the state-of-the-art multi-speciality hospital in the heart of Sonipat, is one of the key medical care providers to serve the community with two units and over 200 beds. Recently the hospital inaugurated a new E-ICU in their centre with the support of the latest high-end life-saving devices from Mindray India, including patient monitors, syringe and infusion pumps, ventilators, defibrillators, etc. It is also powered by Mindray’s M-Connect IT platform, which helps digitally connect ICU patients with their doctors and nurses and enables 24/7 remote data access and patient monitoring, as well as smart alarm management. The E-ICU project is also supported by eNext ICU, the largest telemedicine provider for ICU in Asia, with its services to connect all ICU beds through an intuitive interface that enables real-time two ways audio-visuals. These digital innovations effectively optimise the E-ICU in Tulip hospital with streamlined ICU consultation and make it possible for experts in Tulip Hospital to provide critical care services to remote areas.


Mindray’s M-Connect Solution managed to build a universally connected platform at Tulip Hospital that integrates all bedside medical equipment and patient surveillance camera for more consolidated patient information. By obtaining information on all connected bedside equipment and providing patient-centric data integration and monitoring, this system helps Tulip Hospital achieve better healthcare quality and clinical efficiency with greater visibility, enhanced clinical decision-making and streamlined workflows. The distributed monitoring design of M-Connect solution has also made it possible for clinicians to access patient data, including real-time and historical data, at bedsides, nurse stations, and doctor's offices, and even outside the hospital at any time, clinicians can see real-time data and waveform information on various devices like a mobile, tablet, laptop, with Mobile Viewer software, so as to adjust the diagnosis and treatment plans in time. This would prove of help in enabling clinicians at Tulip Hospital to respond promptly to data, thereby making sure that patient safety is intact, at any given point of time, under any circumstance.

By equipping Tulip Hospital with the M-Connect IT Solution, Mindray India is taking a step forward in its endeavour toward providing healthcare professionals with a comprehensive solution that guarantees more precise diagnosis and improved patient care. In recent years, demands for better healthcare advancement that benefit more people have called for more transformations and breakthroughs in the industry. Health information technology is among the most prominent topics in the industry to cope with the overwhelming pressure. With the innovative M-Connect Solution, Mindray India is now working together with Tulip Hospital and the healthcare community to ensure optimum patient monitoring so that a truly high-quality, yet efficient system of care is achieved.


According to Dr. Anurag Arora, Director of Tulip Hospital, and Dr. Sandeep Dewan, Director & HOD, Critical Care Department, Fortis Hospital Group, Gurgaon, “Digitalization and innovation can take critical care delivery a long way. With the help of Mindray India’s M-Connect IT Solution, a remotely situated critical care specialist can monitor and give junior doctors and nurses a lot of advice in managing critical care patients. This would, in turn, improve the quality of care and also would help in checking mortality.

ICUs being the last defence in saving lives, Mindray India’s M-Connect and its related equipment come as a technology solution that could provide a universal monitoring platform that effectively alleviates the pressure on busy clinicians and thus improve patient safety to save lives,” said.

S Suryanarayanan, National Sales Manager of Key Accounts, Mindray India added that, A combination of innovative technology, robust hardware and superior technical support can make a huge difference in providing better critical care. M-Connect IT Solution is paving the path towards perfection through ideas based on innovation and advanced technologies. These possess capabilities to transform healthcare by bringing it to a higher pedestal of perfect care delivery.”

Apart from Mindray India’s M-Connect IT Solution, Tulip Hospital is also deploying the services of eNext ICU, which is Asia’s largest Telemedicine company with ICU beds connected through a Tele-ICU interface. This would help strengthen the hospital’s 24x7 clinical support by experienced critical care specialists. Besides, the eNext ICU will also help in streamlining tele-ICU consultation for the first time in Haryana. Through Tele-ICU, Tulip Hospital will be able to provide expert critical care services to remote areas 24x7x365 using digital technology & innovation.

Moving forward, Mindray will continuously work with healthcare institutes like Tulip Hospital to leverage the innovative health IT technology of the M-Connect, thereby advancing the development of the entire healthcare industry and providing better healthcare for all.

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Real-time Remote Patient Monitoring is made possible anytime, anywhere by Mindray’s M-Connect IT Solution at Tulip Hospital
Real-time Remote Patient Monitoring is made possible anytime, anywhere by Mindray’s M-Connect IT Solution at Tulip Hospital
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