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After Daler Mehndi, Leading Antacid Brand ENO Claims Land within PartyNite Metaverse

ENO forays into PartyNite Metaverse with comedian Zakir Khan to host a stand-up comedy festival in the EnoVerse

Jun 21, 2022 12:30 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

ENO, the largest antacid brand globally, has entered the metaverse space with the launch of EnoVerse in PartyNite, Metaverse. The brand will host a stand-up comedy festival with ace stand-up comedian Zakir Khan, offering an interactive and immersive experience to the audience. The Eno Comedy Festival will be hosted at EnoVerse, a specially designated land space for Eno within PartyNite metaverse. 

EnoVerse on PartyNite


Comedian Zakir Khan will be interacting with audiences through a larger-than-life custom avatar and other comedians like Kaneez Surka, Rahul Dua, Kiran Dutta (The Bong guy), Shraddha Jain (Aiyyo Shraddha), Sahil Shah & Rahul Subramanian will also be a part of this festival through their gamified custom avatars. They will be interacting with each other and have fun discussing food and a lot more. The event venue at EnoVerse will feature a big amphitheater, lights, sound and music to amplify the look and feel of the digital event with iconic ENO branding elements.

After the stand-up comedy festival, EnoVerse remains open for the public to explore on PartyNite metaverse and they can watch the comedy festival highlight videos on a big screen. 

EnoVerse on PartyNite


Rajat Ojha, Creator of PartyNite, Metaverse said, “These are early days for Metaverse but it is the sure shot future of the internet. The brands who are early birds will reap the long-term benefits of a metaverse footprint. Now is the time to claim a spot and it's heartening to see brands like ENO thinking innovatively to expand their brand visibility. Every engagement, every activity within PartyNite that we are working on will add to the use cases and perhaps become a template for the future. Real-time interaction amongst the top stand-up comedians in their gamified avatars in EnoVerse is clearly the most innovative example of how ENO can celebrate its 50th anniversary.”

He added, “We went ahead and pushed the boundaries of technology and creativity to build a larger than life set around ENO brand with a grand welcome of Zakir who would in turn introduce the other comedians, this real-time interaction among them is something that the world is going to see for the first time apart from the event being the first ever stand-up comedy show inside a Metaverse. We captured the essence of ENO with its signature efflorescence which is practically impossible in the real world to capture and communicate.”

Just recently, the Telangana Government unveiled its Space Tech framework with ISRO on PartyNite, the Metaverse platform created by Gamitronics, the pioneering theme park, VR/AR and robotics/AI company based in Hyderabad. Gamirtonics was also invited by I&B ministry, Government of India as a party of a small team of start ups to represent the country at Cannes Film Festival 2022.

EnoVerse on PartyNite
EnoVerse on PartyNite
EnoVerse on PartyNite
EnoVerse on PartyNite
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