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CHOSEN® Launches Six Mineral-based Sunscreens under the Banner of SAFESCREEN

Jul 19, 2022 11:58 IST 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • SAFESCREEN™ is a specifically “Made for Indian skin” sunscreen

  • Every Indian to apply sunscreen for protection against harmful sun rays


The house of CHOSEN® has launched a mineral-based sunscreen under the banner of SAFESCREEN a few weeks ago. The range of sunscreen boasts of being formulated to suit Indian skin types with 80-90% natural ingredients. The sunscreen range is currently available in online stores and at the CHOSEN Store in Chennai.


SAFESCREEN product range - Teesta, Charminar, Munnar, Brigade Road, Madras Marina and Besant


The product under the SAFESCREEN range is - Teesta, which contains Silymarin, a plant-based antioxidant proven to reduce Acne; Charminar, which contains Pycnogenol, a powerful antioxidant with anti-ageing and blue light protecting properties; Munnar which contains Polypodium leaf extracts which are suitable for people with hypo and hyperpigmentary skin conditions; Brigade Road, a pregnancy and nursing-safe sunscreen; Madras Marina and Besant.


We believe that sunscreen is a must for everyone for it is the foremost product to protect the skin against harmful UV Rays and sun-induced ageing. Incidentally, dark skin is more prone to pigmentation and uneven skin tone than light skin. So, it is imperative that one should pick up sunscreen as their first product and then other cosmetics,” said Dr. Renita Rajan, Founder of CHOSEN® Store & renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist.


Sunscreen is essential for everyone to have healthy skin and we believe in the concept of less is more. Our ingredients are minimum with maximum benefits and efficacy. From ingredients to packing, we’re very different from the rest of the brands. We’re one of the very few brands across the globe to have sunscreen in eco-friendly glass bottles,” she added.


Significance of Mineral SAFESCREEN™ Sunscreen

Mineral sunscreens are the safest when it comes to sunscreens, but many prefer a chemical or hybrid sunscreen as mineral sunscreen leaves a white cast on the skin after its application.


SAFESCREEN™ though a mineral sunscreen, does not leave any white cast when applied as it has carefully chosen natural ingredients. Some of our mineral sunscreens come with natural tints. Our sunscreens are a dream come true product for mineral sunscreen lovers. Also, those who hate sunscreen because of its heavy texture will love our sunscreen. Many have testified that they have started using sunscreen regularly after using our sunscreens,” Dr. Renita Rajan quoted.


The sunscreen only contains zinc oxide as the UV filter, which is GRASE–I (Generally Regarded As Safe and Effective) certified by US FDA. It has 80%-90% natural content, high SPF perfect for Indian skin types ranging from 30 to 50+ and a high PA of ++++ rating. The PA ++++ factor is very important for our Indian skin types to prevent pigmentation, which is the primary sign of ageing. These sunscreens are also durable, water and sweat resistant from 6 to 8 hours, reducing the frequency of reapplication, preventing sunburn and pigmentation, and are ideal for sensitive skin types.


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At CHOSEN®, we apply the power of science to do good and look good. It takes us years of research and testing, engaging some of the best minds in the field. Only then we have a product that meets the standards that we have set for us. We know beauty at the molecular level. We are committed to creating and offering unique products with performing ingredients. We choose ingredients that have proven benefits as published in medical literature and devise unique ways of drug delivery. What really sets us apart is the knowledge gained from clinical experience that helps us deliver performing products, rather than just being another skincare retailer selling hope in a bottle! At CHOSEN®, we deliver Stuff That Works!

SAFESCREEN product range - Teesta, Charminar, Munnar, Brigade Road, Madras Marina and Besant
SAFESCREEN product range - Teesta, Charminar, Munnar, Brigade Road, Madras Marina and Besant
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