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Clean India Show
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Cleaning Technology and Hygiene Solutions to Boost India's Growth and Goals of Sustainability

Jul 20, 2022 16:48 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India
  • Impressive lineup of innovative products launched in the three-day Clean India Show 

  • Eagerly awaited coming together of Indian Cleaning Industry: Business, Collaboration, Recognitions and Knowledge Sharing 


A clean nation could be the best mission India could achieve through its citizens and commitment towards cleanliness and on the back of robust investment and innovation, skill development, and best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure by the domestic industry.


Inauguration of Clean India Technology Week 2022


That was palpable during the three-day Asia’s largest integrated expositions on cleaning technology at Greater Noida last week, which brought together products, systems, solutions, and services for meeting all of India’s cleaning, waste management, and linen care requirements.


The 18th edition of Clean India Show, Waste Technology India Exposition, Laudrex India Exposition, and Auto Care Expo held from July 13-15 at Greater Noida included buyers-sellers meets, knowledge-sharing sessions, recognition and networking, the convergence of Municipal Commissioners, Mayors, CXOs, housekeeping heads, purchase managers, General Managers, and operational heads from across segments.


In view of the current cleaning and hygiene requirements of the governments, industrial, institutional, commercial, and retail facilities and categories, the domestic professional cleaning segments showcased a wide range of innovative and next-generation products and solutions.


Thousands of visitors explored and experimented with an unmatched range of cleaning solutions from futuristic robotic machines to enzyme-based eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, critical components of cleaning equipment to production equipment that helps entrepreneurs Make-in-India, a specialized coating that makes surfaces easier to clean to new and improved models of dependable cleaning tools.


The solutions included maintenance of surfaces, measurable air quality systems, intelligent machines for maintenance, result-oriented, and cost-effective products for a clean environment and smart cities, robotic waste segregation, efficient solutions for hygienic linen, products for vehicle care, and everything that one needs for meeting goals of sustainability and Net Zero.


Several innovative and high-tech products were launched during the three-day Clean India Show: New-age machines like the C235 Micro Scrubber Drier, CRS 1814 Road Sweeping Machine, multipurpose, chlorine free and biodegradable disinfectant for healthcare, food processing and mineral water industries, new cleaning tools, UVC technology, new steam pressure cleaner, durable and low-maaintenence hanf dryer, and many more.


In Waste Management, one could see the Robotic System that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automatically detect, classify and sort out recyclable materials from mixed waste and Waste Station that cuts down on man power needed for handling restaurant food waste and reduces the need for on-site storage with capacity to process up to 700 kg of waste into compost per hour.


In the Laundry segment, one witnessed the launch of a 100% indigenous, Generation 4 Wi-fi-enabled industrial washer extractor, dryer, washer and dryer combo, and garment dry clean presses. There was laundry machine thatnreduces water consumption by up to 70% and power and chemical consumption by 50%, helping increase the linen's life. Also on dispaly was an app-based, one-stop solution for all laundry needs, which will help laundry owners provide one-hour laundry service.


In Pest Management, FLYght ILTs are compact, sturdy, and save up to 80% of the electricity costs of fluorescent tube ILTs. FLYght trap UV LEDs last more than 50,000 hours and with lower power consumption compared to conventional fluorescent tube ILTs. The All-In-One rodent proofing strip contains a Santoprene elastomer, a soft and versatile thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) that is flexible like rubber but rigid enough to deter pests. The product lasts for ten years from installation under favorable conditions.


Not far behind were hygiene solutions, including a fully automated hand hygiene system and an automated toilet seat cover dispenser, new-age air filters as well as gloves that would protect the health of housekeeping staff. Rounding up the offerings are signature fragrances for the hospitality industry and dispensers for the same.


The three-day summit spelled out the successes achieved at the micro level that could be replicated, discussed the policies and their implementation in different industries and domains, and looked at the sustainable options in emerging New India.


Commenting on the success of the show, JP Nair, Managing Director, VIS Group, the organiser of the expo, said, "It was really exciting to see the Indian cleaning, wastemangemnt, laundry and car care segments coming together after a gap of more than two years. Business apart, there was a lot of interactions, catching up on market trends, sharing of technology and knowledge and collaborative initiatives. Our next show is in Mumbai in 2023."

Inauguration of Clean India Technology Week 2022
Inauguration of Clean India Technology Week 2022
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