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The Future of Luxury Fashion is Sustainable and Circular: Punit Anand, Founder of Luxury Pop

Luxury Pop: A Fashion Game Changer

Jul 20, 2022 13:03 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Have you ever looked at the old designer bag in your closet that you seemed to have forgotten about while new, trendier bags came in? Have you always wondered what would happen to that bag once it outgrew the space it keeps occupying in your closet? Has the thought of it going to waste ever pinched you? Every day, unused luxury goods are aimlessly discarded, without so much as a thought and it is time to change that.


Punit Anand, Founder, Luxury Pop


For all those who love to indulge in fashion and yet can’t seem to always justify the wastage this industry promotes, we bring to you Luxury Pop - a platform to resell luxury items and promote sustainable slow fashion. With Luxury Pop you can easily find a new home for the luxury items you are ready to say goodbye to.


It all began way back in 2015 when the founder, Punit Anand kept wondering about what to do about the designer bags she didn’t use anymore and had fallen out of love of. “One of my first big purchases was a Michael Kors bag. However, when I bought a Chanel bag after that I found myself reaching for the Michael Kors bag lesser and lesser. I realised that I had fallen out of love with it but at the same time I didn’t want it going to waste. I then decided to sell it and find a new home for it. Doing this made me realise that by reselling our unused designer items, we can actually increase its lifespan,” says Punit Anand when asked about her experience with the preloved industry. Once Punit herself started selling her unused beloved pieces, it give her the idea of Luxury Pop. It comes from a place of encouraging people to shop more mindfully. Through reselling not only did those items get a new life, but one was enable to earn 60% of the price they would buy at. The motto of the founder is simple - “Choose well, buy well, and maintain what you have purchased to increase its resale value and lifecycle for future owners”.


The point here is to go beyond the ever-evolving fashion trends and how a well-made luxurious product can have several lives. Here Luxury Pop is trying to delay rather than eliminate the “Buy, use and waste” mentality. The growing environmental concerns gave rise to a simple yet brilliant solution: pre-loved fashion. Focusing more on accessibility and sustainability, Luxury Pop aims at extending the lifecycle of each item. This industry provides a perfect solution for consumers who wish to find a new home for their previously loved products for a myriad of reasons and buyers who wish to indulge in the gilded affair that comes with them without feeling guilty. Today, Luxury Pop gives new life to pieces that may have seemingly outgrown their existence. In addition to promoting a more sustainable way of shopping, Luxury Pop is able to make the dreams of owning a designer item come true. The ones who always considered high fashion to be the forbidden fruit can now get a taste of luxury at more affordable prices.


One of Luxury Pop’s first customer was a Delhi-based lawyer who had been eyeing the then-popular Louis Vuitton hobo bag since a while. A 2-lakh rupee bag that she would have to keep saving for months, was made available to her at 50-thousand rupee via Luxury Pop. The thrill and excitement the lawyer felt on receiving her first luxury bag is what drives the company to pursue their mission. In a time where brands like Hermes, Celine, and even Chanel have started adopting the practice of ‘peihuo’ - where one is expected to spend lakhs on additional items in order to be ‘eligible’ for an exclusive style; preloved luxury offers a place of easy access and a sense of inclusivity in an otherwise unreachable world of expensive couture. At Luxury Pop, buyers can easily get their hands on goods of the most exemplary status that may have otherwise seemed impossible.


Going forward, Luxury Pop is all set to expand its limits and start a new vertical of preloved clothing from high-end international and national designers. Imagine the possibilities of finding the Manish Malhotra gown of your dreams, albeit from the past seasons, potentially at half its price! With this new venture, you don’t have to imagine it, but you can experience it. The preloved industry exists not as an opponent of high-end fashion but as a byproduct of it to extend its longevity. Choosing a preloved item over something new won’t change the planet overnight; however, if more people do then we can change the fashion industry and the future of our planet. This is the new face of fashion - are you willing to be a part of it?

Punit Anand, Founder, Luxury Pop
Punit Anand, Founder, Luxury Pop
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