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Astrology Can Help Fuel India's Start-up Growth Story: Astro Zindagi

Aug 08, 2022 15:24 IST 
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Corporate Astrology Consulting market potential in India estimated to be valued around $2 billion according to Astro Zindagi

  • Astro Zindagi’s Founder & CEO, Neeraj Dhankher conferred National FAME award 2022 for “Most Popular Corporate Astrologer in Delhi-NCR” 

  • Award presented by Indian Actress, Malaika Arora


The stars seem to be aligning for the booming start-up ecosystem in India as application of Astrological solutions and services is emerging as a key enabler in fuelling this remarkable growth journey according to Astro Zindagi-one of India's fastest growing Astrology service providers in the corporate space. 


Mr. Neeraj Dhankher, Founder and CEO, Astro Zindagi receiving the award from Malaika Arora

In an award ceremony conducted on August 6, 2022 in New Delhi by Brands Impact, Astro Zindagi’s Founder & CEO, Neeraj Dhankher was conferred the National Fame Award 2022 for the "Most Popular Corporate Astrologer in Delhi-NCR". The award was presented to Mr Dhankher by Malaika Arora, a well-known Indian actress, at a glitzy ceremony also attended by celebrities from the television fraternity.

Speaking on the occasion, Astro Zindagi’s Founder & CEO, Mr. Neeraj Dhankher said, “The Indian start-up growth story is at a tipping point today. India currently houses the third largest start-up ecosystem in the world with more than 61,000 recognised start-ups. Today, there are more than 80 unicorns in India with a total valuation exceeding $200 billion. One of the key reasons for the surge in the Indian start-up ecosystem is the drastic shift in perception towards entrepreneurship. The Indian youth is highly skilled, motivated and innovative and is keen to achieve their goals and aspirations through business. While they are high on talent, they lack experience and patience. This is where the role of Astrology seeps in the form of the ‘Collective wisdom’ of our ancient seers who gave us all the answers to the complex problems that the human race would face in years to come through Astrology (Jyotish)-which they termed as the ‘eye of the Vedas’. Corporate Astrology is an extension of the same divine knowledge to premeditate complex business challenges and offer solutions to meet entrepreneurs’ growing financial aspirations.” 

Whether it is hiring qualified employees, securing funding for the venture, adapting to the financial ecosystem, designing marketing strategies or carving out a niche amidst high competition-all of these are challenges that can be positively aligned through the application of Astrology, said Dhankher. 

While the Indian Astrology and related market is projected to be worth over $20 billion, the share of corporate astrology is far lower as of now.Corporate Astrology has been a late entrant, no doubt, given the perception of business owners towards astrology as well as the skills of the astrologer. Both of these have undergone a radical shift in last few years along with technological interventions. More and more company owners are seeking business advice from astrologers and are even streamlining operations and recruitment in line with the cosmic signals.” 

According to Dhankher, “We are currently sitting on the tip of the iceberg as far as demand for Corporate Astrology is concerned. According to our in-house analysis, the market size of astrology as a corporate consulting business in India is estimated to be around $2 billion-including start-ups as well as big corporates-most of which is still untapped. There is a definite void in the industry when it comes to reliable forecasting tools and models. Right from taking timely business decisions to chalking out expansions plans or initiating complicated Mergers and Acquisitions-Astrology has a solution for all. Going by our experience and market research, companies can atleast double their business revenue every two years only if they go beyond the naked eye and align their decisions and strategy in line with the cosmic signals.”  

There has been an uptick in demand for Astrology solutions from the corporates and start-ups in post-COVID times. “More and more business owners are beginning to gain trust and faith on Astrology to bail themselves out of the financial crisis caused since Covid struck the planet. Astrology is a great problem-solving tool which employs scientific principles backed by a vast body of research to predict a consistent and stable revenue path for an organisation”, said Dhankher

About Astro Zindagi
Astro Zindagi is an integrated solution and service provider in the Astrology domain based out of Noida, India. It is founded by Mr. Neeraj Dhankher who has more than 24 years of experience in the field of Vedic Astrology. The company provides Astrological and Vastu services and solutions for corporates and start-ups in India and abroad.  

Mr. Neeraj Dhankher, Founder and CEO, Astro Zindagi receiving the award from Malaika Arora
Mr. Neeraj Dhankher, Founder and CEO, Astro Zindagi receiving the award from Malaika Arora
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