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Green Awareness and Plantation Drive at IMS Noida

Aug 08, 2022 15:20 IST 
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of IMS Law College Noida, in association with IMS Nayi Pahal society conducted a plantation drive and green awareness campaign. The goal was to create a good and green and healthy atmosphere for everyone while also raising awareness of the importance of environmental issues worldwide.


During the plantation drive, students and teachers planted saplings near the campus ­and inspired one another to protect the environment. Aside from this, everyone took the pledge to adopt at least one plant. Along with Nayi Pahal Team, faculties from all the departments also participated in the green awareness and plantation drive. Students were also taught how to recognise various tree species to protect people from the effects of future temperature increases.


In addition to emphasising the need to continue planting trees, Dr. Kulneet Suri, Senior Director of IMS Noida said that through these activities, we hope to serve as an example for others and inspire locals to take an active role in environmental conservation and support a healthy ecosystem as a way of giving back to mother nature. Everyone has a prime responsibility to plant at least one sapling.


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