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Vyapaar Jagat's Environment and Sustainability Initiative Greenpreneur Convention & Awards 2022

Aug 18, 2022 17:21 IST 
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

The Greenpreneur Convention & Awards 2022 was successfully hosted between the 13th of August to the 15th of August 2022. This was in line with our mission of working towards green development and spreading awareness about sustainability and eco-mindedness seemed another step closer with the successful completion of the event.


Greenpreneur Convention & Awards winner


We launched the green initiative to celebrate GREEN entrepreneurship by bringing all green entrepreneurs together under one roof. People all over the world are suffering as a result of global environmental disruption and climate change. Our goal with this initiative was to make those feel recognised and appreciated who have contributed to the environment and the ones working towards the betterment of the environment. 


In Vyapaar Jagat, we believe that economic and social development should be environmentally conscious. Sustainable development aims to define viable projects that reconcile the economic, social, and environmental aspects of human activities; it is about progressing in these areas without destroying the environment. And we, as a community who believe in the same, have been taking the initiative to build a better tomorrow.


Key Highlights of The Event 

The Note-worthy occasion was a unique experience for all of us, and the entrepreneurs, business personnel and eco-minded people who participated in the event. Over 2500 delegates participated in an immersive experience that recognized 50+ entrepreneurs with awards in front of 7500+ industry leaders and thousands of business professionals.


Some other highlights included

  • 3 Big Days Virtual Convention

  • 90+ Eminent Speakers 

  • 10+ Panel Discussions

  • 7500+ Business professionals attended

  • 20+ Award Categories


Besides this, we’ve also been hosting Green talk sessions daily since last month in which 30+ speakers participated regarding this cause and shared their thoughts. This initiative has brought us a lot more connections than we imagined. It was a great feeling to connect with young Greenpreneurs, environmentalists, green start-ups and experienced personnel in this field.


Many Green Entrepreneurs and industry leaders got the opportunity to connect virtually and discuss their perspectives on various crucial topics such as challenges faced by green entrepreneurs, Renewable Energy, Government Policies for Climate Change, Sustainable Cities & Communities, Changing Dynamics in lifestyle, Educational Reform for Sustainability, Innovation in Agriculture, Children spreading ideas of climate actions, Indian Traditions for Global Sustainability, Circular economy creating a pathway to NET Zero and much more. 

Keynote Speakers & Sessions of Greenpreneur Convention & Awards 2022
Sustainability begins at home by RR Dasgupta, Cashless India - clash less & corruption less India by Dr. Rajat Sharma, Fulfilling dreams of Sustainable India by Annu Grover, Sustainable living - Caring for Climate by Aarya Chavda, The Life Supporting Elements, our ultimate wealth by Madhu Menon, SDGs in Business & Daily Life by Dr. Geetika Saluja, Green Revolution - A Luxury or A Necessity by Ar. Sayari De, Adverse impact of Plastic on Environment by Mukesh Bhati, Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav - Antar Prerana [based on Bhagavad Gita] by Ramkumar Seshu, Sustainability through community empowerment by Mahavir Acharya, Creativity is the need of Future Success by Dr. Arpan Yagnik.


Many people are concerned with their finances, while others may be concerned with their health and relationships. However, one relationship that many people have forgotten is our relationship with the Earth. People have made a priority of shelter and living; however, they forget if there’s no environment, then no life ceases to exist. This initiative taken by us to raise awareness was to make people realise the importance through the people working towards the better cause of the environment. It is our immense pleasure to have hosted this event and to have the opportunity to work together as a community and raise awareness for bringing change.

Winners of Greenpreneur Convention & Awards 2022


  • Janvi Tiwari -Greenpreneur Award - Healthcare

  • Thinkgreen Envirotech Pvt Ltd. - Greenpreneur Award - Water Treatment

  • Manav Jyot Bhuj - Green NGO Award

  • Amiha Agro - Greenpreneur Award - Organic Agriculture

  • Ratna Kalluri-Greenpreneur Award - Interior/Exterior

  • Green India Initiative Private Limited-Greenpreneur Award -Rural Development

  • Brown Living-Green Business Award 

  • Nirman Consultants-Greenpreneur Award – Architecture

  • Aditya Jhunjhunwala-Social Impact Creator Award

  • Ecoli Waste Management Pvt Ltd. - Greenpreneur Award - Waste Management

  • Shashank Nimkar-Green Innovation Award 

  • Anala Outdoors-Greenpreneur Award - Hospitality & Tourism 

  • Furn Bambu Private Limited-Green Start Up Award

  • IQUBX Pvt. Ltd.  - Green Product Award

  • Bhambri solar Pvt. Ltd. - Greenpreneur Award - Renewable energy

  • Rashmi Kolatkar -Greenpreneur Mentor Award 

  • Space Ace-Greenpreneur Award - Building Construction

  • Imagine Powertree Private Limited-Greenpreneur Award - E-Vehicle

  • Achuk environmental solutions Privated Limited-Green Trend Setter Award

  • Solar Ace- Best Greenpreneur of the Year

  • Vivaan Water & Enviro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - Green Service Award


We would like to extend our gratitude and thank the Jury, speakers, attendees, and leaders in sustainability for being a part of this auspicious event. We would also like to thank our sponsors and partners, without whom it would’ve been impossible for us to bring people together, to unite and work towards this cause.


Upcoming Greenpreneur National Meet & Contact Details

  • To celebrate success of Greenpreneurs we have organized Physical event with a networking & celebration of Greenpreneur Award winners where we are inviting all greenpreneurs or Eco-minded leaders to join at CEE (Centre for Environment Education), Ahmedabad on 3rd September 2022

  • TO REGISTER FOR GREENPRENEUR NATIONAL MEET and network with 500+ Ecopreneurs, 25+ Green Exhibitors, 50+ Greenpreneurs Felicitation & many more at CEE, Ahmedabad. RSVP Now at and be part of the Greenpreneur Networking full day meet. For more details email or Visit:

Sponsors & Partners
Greenpreneur Convention & Awards 2022 was supported and partnered with, Agrotis Technologies LLP, Computer Society of India, All About Architecture, Wadhawani Foundation, Concepts.Green, Vibrant Udyog, In Time News, NewsVoir,, Inside Building Solutions (IBS), Tea with Susmita, Vilnesh International, by Dwarika Clinic,,,,,,, Luxury Wellness & Manzilll Production, Hosting Partner Kavita Bodani & Rashi Sharma


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Greenpreneur Convention & Awards winner
Greenpreneur Convention & Awards winner
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