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Wiredus: Envisioning your Sure-shot Future Growth with Expertise and Passion

The company is working assiduously towards accomplishing result-based approach in 360-degree Digital Marketing

Aug 19, 2022 16:16 IST 
Gurugram, Haryana, India

Wiredus is one of the leading digital marketing companies that caters to a large number of clients with a holistic approach. Based in Gurugram, Haryana, Wiredus is determined to mark its presence by creating highly profitable and remarkable digital marketing campaigns.


Ravish Yadav - CEO, Wiredus


The company comprises a team of hard-working and creatively fuelled members who always have a hawk-eye approach on the client’s requirements and how they are achievable in a minimum time frame. Currently, they are doing great branding and digital marketing for brands of all sizes.


Each client is researched, while the thought process is varied in accordance to the sector, and the aim is to achieve smart goals in a shorter time frame. Wiredus is strives to be an excellent, path-breaking company that has pioneered in the digital world by sheer planning and determination for your next big campaign. With the prudent approach and high working experience with numerous clients, Wiredus prides itself with its great amalgamation of ingenious tech geeks, imaginative design freaks, social media strategists, client planners and consumer-centric communicators. This enables them to reach great heights, while embarking on a virtual voyage for brilliance.


Wiredus has long term bonds with the partners that are supported by the key three pillars of trust, performance and reliance. One of the primary objectives of Wiredus is boosting your brand’s awareness in today's highly competitive digital landscape.


Wiredus is providing the following services:

  • Digital Marketing - With the implementation of 360-degree digital approach, the company enables the brands to be part of a high performance-based digital spectrum.

  • Social Media Marketing - Messages should be communicated properly to let the audience understand the agenda of the brand. With this mantra, Wiredus is working towards creating meaningful communications.

  • Google Ads - Tailor-made Google ads to boost the digital business for the brands.

  • SEO & Content Marketing - Wiredus has been addressing the need for SEO and content marketing by super-charged SEO content.

  • Public Relations, Events, Brand Shoots: Wiredus is diversified into the aforementioned segments, thus ensuring the power of publicity for the brands. Events are part of the brand engagement and it is important to spot the media targets.


On the launch of the platform, Ravish Yadav - CEO, Wiredus said, “We have begun Wiredus, to make brands aware through the wide digital marketing spectrum. As we have seen, the world is engulfed with the internet and digital presence is quintessential for all brands. Our team of industrious experts have been creating a customised digital brand strategy for each client, thus making them visible through various online mediums. This includes optimising the customer acquisition with a growth marketing strategy. By defining our business with the way to whom it is to be served most meticulously, our main agenda at Wiredus is that we don't feel that you are just marketed... we want your brand to be an indispensable part of people's lives."


About Wiredus

The company is a premier digital marketing services provider, based in Gurugram, Haryana. The main focus of the company is to provide superior digital marketing services, those that are performance-driven along with long term association with clients/brands. Wiredus pledges to embark on a voyage of fine teamwork with their clients, with prompt servicing and result-oriented approach, to grow a much deeper and long-term bond that is supported by the pillars of trust, performance and reliance.


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Contact: +91 9315002016, +919910124825.

Ravish Yadav - CEO, Wiredus
Ravish Yadav - CEO, Wiredus
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