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Hiver Launches its Knowledge Base Portal, Helps Companies Worldwide Offer Better Self-service to Customers

Sep 08, 2022 17:22 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Hiver, the world’s first Gmail-based customer service platform, has launched its own knowledge base portal that helps companies build, host, and manage commonly asked customer queries in one centralized location. With Hiver’s knowledge base, companies can offer more reliable and efficient self-service capabilities, which in turn positively impacts customer satisfaction.


In most organizations, the collective knowledge of employees about products, services, and processes is often scattered and siloed. A knowledge base helps centralize this knowledge, so that both employees and ultimately, customers can make the most of it.


Companies can make use of Hiver’s knowledge base to build a repository of frequently asked questions with relevant answers. This is likely to reduce the volume of queries that support teams would have to manage, as customers would be able to look up answers to straightforward queries themselves. Companies can also build internal knowledge bases using Hiver, that can be useful in various scenarios - troubleshooting systems, onboarding new employees, understanding reimbursement policies, and more.


In addition to knowledge base, Hiver helps companies manage other critical support channels such as email and live chat. Through such multi-channel capabilities, support teams can manage and easily scale end-to-end customer communication under one platform, instead of investing in multiple tools.


Nitesh Nandy, Co-founder and CTO of Hiver, had this to say on the launch of knowledge base, “The benefits of Hiver’s knowledge base are two-fold. Firstly, it helps you centralize and host knowledge from across the organization - so that it can be easily accessed by both internal and external stakeholders. And the faster someone is able to find answers, the more time they can save, and even increase productivity. Secondly, we see a lot of companies use a separate tool just for creating and maintaining a knowledge base. You wouldn’t need to do that with Hiver, as it offers a knowledge base portal along with other key support channels such as email and live chat - all under one roof. In fact, Hiver’s knowledge base is a very important step in our vision of building a truly multi-channel customer support solution.


About Hiver

Hiver is a customer service platform built for Google Workspace. It helps organizations worldwide manage customer communication across multiple channels such as email and live chat. Hiver offers the most intuitive capabilities for teams of all sizes as it is built natively within Gmail.


Backed by venture capital firms such as K1 Capital, Kalaari Capital, Kae Capital, and AngelList, Hiver is headquartered in San Jose, California, with most of its operations based out of Bangalore, India.


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