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The Lip Balm Company Partners with to Sell Lip Balms

Sep 14, 2022 12:59 IST 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • An exclusive collection of 17 lip balms now available at

  • Attractively priced from Rs. 385 onwards


The Lip Balm Company (TLBC) has partnered with to stock and sell The Lip Balm Company’s exclusive collection of 17 scientifically formulated lip balms. Purplle features selective beauty and skin care products that clear its strict qualification standards, to provide its users nothing but the best of the products in the market to suit their persona. The ratings are calculated via a special algorithm that gives more weightage to certified buyers’ inputs than unverified ratings.


The Lip Balm Company is now on


Now, one can buy The Lip Balm Company’s carefully curated lip balms on - the best beauty shopping destination to find some of the most loved products in the market today. TLBC's lip balms on will be available in an attractive price range from Rs. 385 to Rs. 1380,” said Revanth P.G., Plant Biologist, Research and Development, The Lip Balm Company.


An Answer to Your Lip Woes

A lip balm can do so much more than just moisturize or repair dry, chapped lips.


Get Party Ready - Time to party? Want to don some lipstick to flaunt those lips? Plump them up with the Plump Butter lip balm for fuller lips, and add a protective layer with Lippe before applying lip cosmetics. If your lips are sensitive, then give them some extra love and care with one of actress Nayanthara’s favourite lip balms - Apple Co. lip mask. You can even find Chocolate Co. and Tang from her special collection - edition.


Mommy Baby Safe Lip Balms – You can’t find too many pregnancy and kids-safe lip balms. But on Purplle, you can find Mama By The Sea lip balm, which pregnant mothers can use. You can even use it on your child above 2 years of age.


For A Good Mood - A good-smelling lip balm with interesting scents can elevate your mood immediately and keep you feeling that way all day long. You can opt for the Mango Tea or even the Element Sea if you want to protect your lips along with boosting your mood.


Protect From Damage - If you want some heavy-duty sun protection, then the Lip Zync Sunbalms with SPF 100+ is what you need. If you want to protect your lips from the sun while enjoying a great sensational flavour, then the SolOrange with SPF 30+ is for you.


Now, you can even protect your lips from blue light damage using the blue light defender combo that includes the Blue stopper and Cherry Heavy lip balms.


Whether you want a lip balm for those irritating and painful sores or are looking for an anti-ageing lip balm, you can find it all on Purplle under The Lip Balm Company’s exclusive collection of 17 scientifically formulated lip balms.


For more lip balms, do check out the collection at and say hello to healthy, soft, and youthful lips.


About The Lip Balm Company

The Lip Balm Company™ is all about opening the door to lip heaven. It is your guidewire to happy lips ever after. The Lip Balm Company™ is all about safety, efficacy and, of course, luxurious elegance - all of which are in the DNA of a TLBC lip balm! By infusing the lip balms with plant goodness and flavours, the lip balms would go from healers to enhancers, brighteners, lip lifters and mood elevators. The Lip Balm Company™ has sworn a promise to make only the best of the lip balms and lip balms from only the best of ingredients. We firmly believe that there is a lip balm for every pair of lips ever made and that it is our solemn duty to make a match between the two. Join us, travel with us, explore our offerings, and stop to smell the roses, oranges or apples - well, whatever delicious flavour that your lip balm carries. For, as we at The Lip Balm Company™ say, There’s always time for Lip Balm!

The Lip Balm Company is now on
The Lip Balm Company is now on
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