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Avaali is Confident of Doubling Growth in the Shared Service Space with 180 plus Large Enterprises Running its Digitally Enabled GBS/Shared Services

Sep 20, 2022 12:46 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Transforming the Shared service market with emerging technology and platforms to optimize manual interventions and bring down the cost of operations, leading digital solutions provider Avaali is confident of doubling growth in the GBS/Shared service space. The company has witnessed over 180+ large enterprises running digitally enabled GBS/Shared services powered by Avaali.


In a decentralized model, different business units within a company each perform the same services in their separate ways with their own staff. Most large, successful organizations already use a GBS/Shared services model to deliver services to internal customers more effectively and efficiently. The Shared service model has become popular in recent years as requirements for governance, compliance, control, process resilience, process quality, and cost reduction become essential imperatives. Large enterprises benefit from this business model, enabling them to run better.


With digital, Shared services can deliver insights as it has an enterprise-wide view and is uniquely positioned to identify and execute good practices that can be used to drive better profitability in the business. With the help of this model, a company can significantly reduce its cost of operations while leveraging a combination of technology and people to execute its processes with excellence. GBS/Shared service set-ups that leverage the digital agenda can move up the pyramid from reliability in operations to simplification and delivering efficiencies, solving problems and delivering a positive customer experience.


Commenting on this, Srividya Kannan, Founder Director, Avaali Solutions, said, “Since inception, we have always focused on innovation across all areas to scale. We have seen the tremendous scope of expansion of Shared services beyond finance, HR and IT. Procurement, supply chain, legal, marketing, customer services and operation functions are being evaluated to explore ways to increase competitiveness and enable the organization to meet its financial objectives by leveraging digital while also driving innovation.”


Avaali helps organizations improve productivity and meet regulatory requirements by implementing hyper-automation across GBS/Shared Service Centers. The company has delivered numerous automation in the GBS/Shared services space in processes such as Sourcing, Procure to Pay processes, Order to cash processes, Human Resources, Master Data Management, Contracts Management, Export Process Logistics and several other functions for several global accounts. With its Velocious Source to Pay solutions combined with its advisory services, implementation and support services, Avaali supports the unique business process requirements of complex, global enterprises.


About Avaali

Avaali is a leading provider of digital solutions to help reduce operational costs for upper mid to large enterprises. The company has its product line under Velocious and its services and consulting offerings in partnership with various technology vendors. The company has executed over 180+ engagements for large marquee brands across Asia, MEA and parts of Europe. The company has done some of the largest and most complex Shared service automation projects and consolidated, standardized and automated these processes. Their engagements have resulted in a 35-50% reduction in process cycle time and a 15-20% reduction in cost. Improved visibility, governance and transparency are other themes that Avaali focuses on via these initiatives.


The company has extensive skills in technologies such as ML-based ICR/OCR, enterprise content management, workflow automation solutions, chatbot, RPA, Process Mining and digital signature. The company has a dominant presence in source-to-pay automation with over 100+ implementations in this space. 

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