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PFNDAI Associates with IFBA to Promote Healthy Living

Oct 31, 2022 14:27 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Protein Foods and Nutrition Development Association of India (PFNDAI) and Ind Food & Beverage Association (IFBA) joined hands to promote healthy living amongst consumers. This association is a strategic move that will urge people across the country to prioritize health and make mindful choices whilst facilitating credible information on the benefits of nutritional foods.


The Indian food industry is making concerted efforts to produce food that is flavorful yet safe and nutritious. Encouraging the fortification of foods by regulatory bodies is further helping in the preparation of healthier food products. This is a major reason why protein consumption has witnessed a surge in India owing to its requirement for optimal functioning of the body. This consumer shift towards healthy choices is also leading to an increase in the marketing of nutraceutical and dietary supplements, which is playing an integral role in preventive healthcare.

L-R: Mr. Deepak Jolly, Chairperson, IFBA and Dr. Shatadru Sengupta, Chairman, PFNDAI


Dr. Shatadru Sengupta, Chairman, PFNDAI, said, “We at PFNDAI help guide industries, institutions, government initiatives, etc. that design and apply food science along with nutrition on aspects such as product manufacturing and delivery with the sole aim to provide high-quality, health-promoting and safe foods to the consumers. IFBA is working with a similar ideology to drive the growth of the food and beverage industry in the country. We are grateful to them for their support and we sincerely hope that our collaborative efforts would go a long way to improve the health quotient of the Indian consumers and improve the overall landscape of the industry.”


PFNDAI and IFBA aim to bring about a change in the Indian food landscape by making consumers aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The idea is to share credible information about food regulations and food safety to promote compliance, and push the industry’s growth by building consumer trust through shared responsibility. Furthermore, the entities plan to sustain the market with the assistance of proactive engagement with policymakers, institutions, academia, and regulators along with building a positive perception of the country’s food processing sector.

Sharing his viewpoints and elation on this partnership, Mr. Deepak Jolly, Chairperson, IFBA said, “We are delighted to associate with Protein Foods & Nutrition Development Association of India (PFNDAI). Both of us share a common vision and work on the same path of protecting, supporting, and growing the Indian food and beverage industry in our own different ways. We are sure that our joint efforts will help not just the consumers but it will also be beneficial to the industry at a larger scale.”


PFNDAI has already been working with the Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (AFST) and Indian Dietetic Association to seamlessly combine food science and nutrition to leverage the ideas of nutritionists and dieticians and not only make healthy products but also create awareness about them amongst consumers and other important stakeholders. In today’s digital-driven world, false and misleading information sharing is highly likely. Aiming to curb this practice and promote authentic information exchange, PFNDAI and IFBA have associated to strengthen their collaborative efforts in this direction. Together, they intend to spread awareness about nutritious foods as well as sustainable production of agricultural produce.

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L-R: Mr. Deepak Jolly, Chairperson, IFBA and Dr. Shatadru Sengupta, Chairman, PFNDAI
L-R: Mr. Deepak Jolly, Chairperson, IFBA and Dr. Shatadru Sengupta, Chairman, PFNDAI
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