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Go with Alika Crafts this wedding Season A Unique Online Platform for Leather Bags Made by Indian Artisans

Dec 06, 2022 17:22 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The fashion and lifestyle sector has become a cornerstone of the luxury market because it offers a distinctive means of self-expression. Consumers are relentlessly seeking different ways to showcase their individuality, whether it is through their fashion accessories, their habitat or their experiences. In this frame, Alika Crafts comes to win, which is an online platform showcasing hand crafted leather bags by artisans from across the Indian subcontinent. All products are one-off original work, lovingly crafted, exquisitely detailed and a reflection of traditional craft and skills practiced by the artisans of India. Each and every piece of work is extensively researched by really knowing the artisans, stories behind their creations and its provenance. Due to the variety of bags they offer, such as Bucket bags, Saddle bags, Baguette bags, and others, Alika Crafts has become a consumer favorite.


Utsav Leather Bucket Bag


Founder Maya Muralidharan says, “We at Alika Crafts encourage young artisans from rural locales to master the techniques that have been passed down from one generation to next over hundreds of years and help them realize the market value of their work. We strongly support diversity and put the focus on outstanding quality and sustainability, for both people and planet. Each bag is unique, individual, and traditionally made with an ethical approach to fashion, compared to the mass manufactured faux leather bags and vegan bags (with PUC and PVC components) available in market.


Leather Doctor Sling Bag


There are infinite reasons persuading consumers to purchase Leather Bags from Alika Crafts:

1. There is very little knowledge of traditional leather techniques practiced by local regional artisans of our country. Besides the people residing in the respective leather hubs of India, very few people have an understanding and knowledge of the traditional craft practiced by artisans of these regions. Each state has its own specialty which is reflected in the craftworks created by the artisans. In order to increase appreciation and ensure wider adoption of their trade and talents in India, Alika Crafts wants to increase the visibility and awareness of the leather craftworks made by these artists.


2. The other reason is the lack of accessibility for artisans to a wider audience. If we consider the number of communities engaged in traditional leather crafts, there are very few platforms that sell and market products handcrafted by artisans in India. This has resulted in many families quitting their traditional craft and taking up better paying occupations outside their villages. This will eventually lead to the extinction of a valuable craft which deserves a much better visibility. Alika Crafts wants to give these local artisan communities and their crafts access to a larger audience with an aim to make it a sustainable trade.


3. Price gap is another reason that motivated the Founder to launch Alika Crafts as a platform. A majority of leather brands/players which sell handcrafted leather goods have priced the products at a premium. This has resulted in these craftworks being adopted by a very niche segment of consumers. They are doing the best to offer quality handcrafted leather products to consumers at a very competitive price to ensure wider adoption, all the while making certain that a fair price is passed on to the artisans.


At the moment, Alika Crafts is offering Leather bags made by artisans from 5 states of India. They are working to on-board many more artisans from other regions in the coming days. They work with the artisans in understanding their classic design patterns and retain the traditional structure, while making sure that the bag designs are adapted to suite the urban taste too. At present, they have taken a conscious call to be available online, with a branded showroom coming soon in the future.


Fusing elegance with modernity, shop for unique handcrafted leather bags this wedding season at

Utsav Leather Bucket Bag
Utsav Leather Bucket Bag
Leather Doctor Sling Bag
Leather Doctor Sling Bag
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