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Yoho Introduces its Large Feet Size Footwear Series through a Quirky 'Hunt for Big Feet' Campaign in Delhi-NCR

Brand aims to offer easy availability and a greater choice in shoe styles for customers with large and hard-to-fit feet

Feb 06, 2023 10:49 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Yoho, one of the fastest growing comfortable footwear startups, is excited to announce the launch of its new ‘Hunt for Big Feet’ campaign, ahead of the launch of its new product line, designed especially for people with big feet. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the difficulties faced by people with feet sizes larger than 11 which are rare to find but are not affordable. The brand has established a new website,, to amplify the campaign for larger shoe sizes.


With a continued commitment towards size inclusivity, Yoho has launched its plus sizes footwear to cater to the diverse needs of its customers by providing a more accurate and extensive range of sizes for its footwear products.


As a part of ‘Hunt for Big Feet’ campaign, Yoho conducted a survey in Delhi-NCR to understand the challenges faced by individuals with large feet sizes. After surveying a significant number of people in the region, the brand found that 2 out of 100 respondents had foot sizes of 12 or larger and reported difficulty in finding properly fitted shoes. Many of these individuals reported having to either purchase shoes from abroad, or wearing a smaller size shoe or even have them custom made locally, due to a lack of variety in larger sizes available in the market.


"We founded Yoho with the goal of providing comfort for everyone. Our products are distinguished by their exceptional comfort and pocket-friendly prices. Our journey began with a remark from a stranger about the difficulty of finding comfortable shoes in larger sizes. While it may not be the most profitable business opportunity, it aligned with our overall vision and felt like the right thing to do for both Ahmad and myself. Despite the challenges of manufacturing and cost-effectively reaching customers, we are thrilled with the positive response to our "hunt for big feet" campaign and hope to continue expanding our offerings in the future," said Prateek Singhal, Co-founder, Yoho. "Our new extended size collection is our way of addressing this issue and providing these individuals with the options they deserve."


Yoho has expanded its product line to include three new styles, sneakers and loafers, in extended sizes for individuals with large feet. Additionally, Yoho has introduced a dual lace colored option to make sure that one shoe gives its customers a feel of two. These shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort and support and are crafted from high-quality PU materials and advanced technologies. Features such as dual cushioning and TRP soles ensure a perfect fit and long-lasting durability. Prior to this, Yoho had brought some proprietary technologies like footpharma footbed and archflex technology for regular sizes in their flagship products bubbles and waves. The extended size collection is available in a variety of colors and designed to provide comfort, versatility and style.


Commenting on the campaign, Ahmad Hushsham, Co-founder, Yoho said, “Utilizing the latest technologies, we are committed to making comfort-oriented fashion accessible to everyone. When we first introduced our footwear with Footpharma technology, we received numerous requests for larger sizes, which were difficult to find. In response, we launched an initiative to remove size as a barrier to self-expression and provide the most comfortable footwear to our customers. Inclusive sizing is just the beginning of our journey to offer diverse and comfortable footwear to the average Indian consumer.


The extended size collection is available on Yoho official website and leading platforms like Myntra, Amazon and Flipkart. The brand also offers a wide range of regular sizes for men, women, and children.


About Yoho

Yoho, India’s fastest growing footwear startup, founded by Ahmad Hushsham and Prateek Singhal in 2021, to bring state-of-the-art technology and AI-powered solutions to manufacture and amalgamate it with the ‘science of feet’ to create high-performance footwear that is affordable for all. The one and a half year old company manufactures affordable orthopaedic lightweight footwear which is suitable to Indian consumers and comes in colourful variants.


Yoho provides a range of lightweight, orthopedic, breathable and most comfortable footwear customized for Indian feets. Yoho has incorporated the most unique arch support which is usually found in sports shoes, that helps to give good posture and a great gait to the feet.


Please visit or follow the brand on Instagram @ yoho_lifestyle.

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