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Miraj Cinemas Presents a Spectacular Mango Food Festival at Theaters Across 20 Cities in India

Lights, Camera, Mango!

May 03, 2023 15:19 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Get ready for a tantalizing culinary experience as India’s third-largest multiplex chain, Miraj Cinemas brings to you the much-awaited Mango Food Festival across 20 cities in India. This month-long festival celebrates the vibrant flavours of the king of fruits, the mighty mango, in a variety of delectable Food & Beverages available exclusively at Miraj Cinemas' food courts. From the moment you step into our theatres, you will be transported into a world of mouthwatering delights, carefully crafted to satisfy your cravings and leave you longing for more. Indulge in a symphony of flavours as we present an array of specially curated mango-infused culinary creations. Prepare for a taste experience that will delight your palate like never before.

India's 3rd largest multiplex chain, Miraj Cinemas announces a month-long, multi-city Mango Food Festival

Bhuvnesh Mendiratta, COO, Miraj Entertainment Ltd., believes cinemas have become more than mere theatres solely for movie-watching. “It has transcended traditional boundaries. In the past, theatres mainly offered popcorn and coke at food corners, attracting viewers seeking a quick snack. However, times are changing dramatically. Nowadays, cinemas feature live stations and buffet menus and even venture into the realm of culinary experimentation akin to restaurants or five-star hotels.”


He adds, “India holds the esteemed title of being the world's culinary capital. With its rich diversity of delectable delicacies, people's interest in culinary exploration is piqued. The array of options available on our platter exponentially multiplies the potential for food testing. In this spirit, we proudly present the Mango Festival, as we aim to provide our esteemed patrons with a compelling reason to indulge beyond cinema. Our festival endeavours to delight and entice discerning taste buds, offering an exquisite experience that transcends the traditional movie-watching outing. And this is just the beginning. We have many more such food outings planned for the coming time.”


Building upon Mendiratta's vision, Lalit Bajaj, Vice President of Food & Beverages at Miraj Cinemas, sheds light on the exciting annual food calendar. “At Miraj Cinemas, we take pride in curating an extraordinary menu lineup that ignites our patrons' anticipation. In our continuous pursuit of creating a memorable experience, we are thrilled to introduce the Mango Festival as one of our flagship initiatives. Our talented chefs have crafted this extravaganza, ensuring the perfect balance of textures and flavours. This mango mania promises to elevate the culinary journey of our esteemed guests and generate a surge in business. The overwhelming response from our patrons reinforces our belief that this festival will leave them craving for more.”


And Miraj will maintain the momentum by introducing further curated menus. Bajaj says that with International Burger Day just around the corner on May 28 and French Fries Day on July 13, the national cinema exhibition chain has an array of captivating events lined up. “Throughout the financial year 2023-2024, we have thoughtfully selected 14 days to celebrate an exceptional food fiesta. Miraj Cinemas remains committed to providing not only exceptional entertainment but also a captivating gastronomic experience.”


Here are just a few highlights from our exquisite Mango Food Fest menu:

1. Crunchy Nachos with Mango Salsa: Imagine the satisfying crunch of golden nacho chips, perfectly complemented by the freshness of ripe mangoes. Each bite is a burst of flavour, as the savoury notes of the nachos meld effortlessly with the vibrant tanginess of the mango salsa. Experience this perfect blend that will keep you coming back for more.

2. Mango Tangy Roll: Whether you're a mango enthusiast or a food lover seeking a unique and unforgettable snack, our Mango Tangy Roll is a must-try delicacy. Unleash your taste buds with our Mango Tangy Roll, a delightful fusion of flavours wrapped in a soft tortilla featuring succulent mango chunks with a tangy twist.

3. Mango Sandwich: Bite into the goodness of our Mango Sandwich, a refreshing combination of juicy mango slices, crisp lettuce, and a zesty spread, all nestled between two slices of freshly baked bread.

4. Mango Popcorn Shake: Get ready for a popcorn revolution! Our Mango Popcorn Shake combines the creaminess of mango with the crunch of caramelized popcorn, creating a unique and unforgettable beverage experience.

5. Seasonal Mango Smoothie: Indulge in the lusciousness of our Seasonal Mango Smoothie, made from ripe and juicy mangoes blended to perfection, offering a refreshing and revitalizing taste.

6. Infused Aam Panna: Quench your thirst with our traditional Infused Aam Panna, a cooling summer beverage infused with the tanginess of raw mangoes and a hint of aromatic spices.


Get ready for a mouthwatering adventure as Miraj Cinemas brings to you the Mango Food Festival! Indulge in the season's finest flavours at our select theatres across 20 cities and 35 locations in India for a month. With 181 screens at 57 multiplexes at 42 cities in 15 states, Miraj Cinemas is India's fastest-growing multiplex chain, providing unmatched entertainment and culinary experiences. We're constantly evolving with technology and expanding to 300+ screens by FY24, so keep a lookout for us coming to a city near you. Don't miss out on this delectable journey!

India's 3rd largest multiplex chain, Miraj Cinemas announces a month-long, multi-city Mango Food Festival
India's 3rd largest multiplex chain, Miraj Cinemas announces a month-long, multi-city Mango Food Festival
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