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CLAGE, Germany's Trusted Brand, Introduces the Next-gen Water Heaters in India

Dec 13, 2023 13:49 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Unveils Cutting-Edge Technology for Instantaneous Hot Water Solutions

  • Blutherm Collaborates With Clage To Bring This State-of-the-art Range Of Electronically Controlled Tankless Water Heaters

Beat the winter blues this season with Clage, Germany's top brand, bringing its premium range of water heaters to the Indian market. Blutherm, India's leading curator of premium energy-efficient, sustainable products, has brought these premium water heaters through an exclusive partnership with Clage to cater to the Indian market. Clage’s electronically controlled instantaneous tankless water heaters are 100% Made in Germany, energy-efficient, best in design, and of high-quality standards.

Range of next-gen water heaters from Germany’ trusted brand Clage

Clage's latest range of water heaters have different models that suit various sizes and pockets. As a specialist in water heatersClage offers a wide range of products with many individual solutions. Constantly looking for new solutions and innovations in all areas of water heating, Clage’s products are energy efficient, characterised by clever technology, small & compact designs, and robust constructions. Thus, they give a feeling of safety, hygiene, comfort and reliability. Clage’s products are designed such that many parts can be replaced, thus reducing waste and increasing the life of the products.

Mr. Rajesh Sachdev, CEO, Blutherm, said, "At Blutherm, we are committed to bringing the best innovative products to enhance the lives of our customers. Clage electronically controlled instantaneous tankless water heaters are a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed modern homeowners' expectations. We believe these heaters will revolutionise how people experience hot water daily."


Some key features of this water heater range are:

Instant Hot Water - Delivers hot water on demand at a precise temperature, eliminating the need for preheating and ensuring a constant and reliable supply.

Energy Efficiency - Equipped with advanced energy-saving technology, optimises energy consumption, reducing utility costs and environmental impact.

Smart Controls - A User-friendly interface allows homeowners to easily control temperature settings, schedule heating times, and monitor energy usage.

Sleek Design - Boasts a modern and space-saving design, seamlessly integrating into any home decor.

Sustainability - Designed with eco-friendly materials and complies with the latest sustainability standards, 


The water heater range has three categories- comfort, compact, and mini - suitable for individual requirements. These are available in the market and can be purchased nationwide through our authorised channel partners. The suggested retail price starts at Rs. 21,000/- with minimal additional installation fees.


You can view this latest range and Blutherm's other offerings here:


Blutherm, founded in 1998, is India's leading curator of premium energy-efficient, sustainable products sourced through exclusive partnerships. Specialising in water heating, ventilation, and water purification, Blutherm focuses on energy conservation, space optimisation, and exceptional product value. With a presence in over 10 cities, Blutherm's brand promise is based on efficiency, sustainability, comfort, and hygiene. Their unique combination of low carbon emission technology and minimal space concept caters to customers' high standard of living while prioritising environmental responsibility.

Range of next-gen water heaters from Germany’ trusted brand Clage
Range of next-gen water heaters from Germany’ trusted brand Clage
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