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CBSE Boards Date Sheet is Out! Know the Best Preparation Tips for the Last 2 Months of Class 10 & 12

Dec 20, 2023 15:53 IST 
Gurgaon, Haryana, India

With the date sheet released and only a limited time left for preparation, the pressure is mounting. Thoughts race through your mind, wondering how the actual exam will unfold - will all your efforts be enough to secure a perfect score of 100%? Will you be able to finish your answer sheet on time? How can you avoid those little mistakes? The fear of disappointing your parents looms large, transforming into an overwhelming exam phobia.


CBSE Board Date Sheet is Out

But fear not! To put an end to this phobia, we have brought to you the best time saving exam tips that you need to follow ardently. These tips will help you to not only complete your exam on time but will you extra time for revision so you can avoid silly mistakes.


Best Time Saving Answer Writing Tips to Score 100%!


1. Carefully Understand the Question Paper and Plan Your Answers
Start by reading the question paper carefully. Mark and allot appropriate time to the questions you are confident about and attempt them first, mark the difficult one’s to attempt at last. This approach not only helps save time but also ensures that you don't miss any questions.


2. Write What is Being Asked
Read the question carefully and answer only what is being asked. Keep your answers precise and relevant, adhering to the word limit mentioned. Avoid unnecessary lengthy explanations, as it not only wastes time but also raises the risk of mark deductions.


3. Organize Your Answer Beforehand & Use Clear Language
Before writing your answers, take a moment to frame them mentally to avoid overwriting or cutting. Use clear and concise language, avoiding jargon and abbreviations. 


Methodical Approach for Each Question

  • Begin answering, ensuring clarity and coherence in your response.

  • Write in bullet points.

  • Highlighting the crucial keywords and points.

  • Draw tables, diagrams and flowchart to effectively showcase the answer and save time.

  • Summarize answer for the finishing touch.


The Most Awaited & Useful CBSE Resource  MTG CBSE Sample Papers


5. Don't Forget to Revise
Allocate at least 15 minutes at the end to review and revise your answers. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes, tally the question paper, and ensure that you haven't missed any questions.

Revision Strategy:

  • Review all question you marked during the initial attempt.

  • Check for any unanswered questions.

  • Review answers for potential mistakes, grammatical errors, or incompleteness.

  • Double-check your calculations and formulae.


Resources You Can Follow During the Final Months

  • CBSE Chapter-wise Topic-wise 10 Years Solved Papers – Click Here

  • CBSE ScoreMore 15 Sample Papers – Click Here

  • CBSE Chapter-wise Question Bank – Click Here

  • CBSE Chapter-wise Instant Notes – Click Here


Common Mistakes Students Make in CBSE Board Exam


  • Not Knowing the Right Weightage of Each Chapter 


MTG’s CBSE Chapter-wise Topic-wise 10 Years Solved Papers book. It provides explicit Topic-wise Graphical Analysis that ensures you know the weightage of every chapter and topic, allowing you to prepare for the board exams without any worries.


Success Made Simple for CBSE Boards with MTG CBSE Solved Previous Years Papers


Confusing Method of Revision

Use MTG CBSE Chapter-wise Instant Notes for a quick yet comprehensive revision. It also gives students an idea of how to attempt questions as the recap notes are in subjective question type format.


Bad Answer Writing Technique


To close this loophole, MTG’s CBSE Champion offers 10 Years’ Chapter-wise solved papers with multiple solving methods. Each chapter includes hints, explanations, Answer tips, alternative solutions, common mistakes, and CBSE board 2020 topper’s answers.


Not Practicing Above Techniques Enough


For a thorough practice, use MTG CBSE Chapter-wise Question Bank as it has vast question bank for ample practice for CBSE 2024 board exam. 


Not Attempting Mock Tests


Become exam ready with MTG CBSE ScoreMore 15 Sample Question Papers, so that you don’t face any surprises in the actual exam.


Not Planning for the Exam Day


Keep all important items such as ID, calculator, geometry box or admit card ready to go a night before the exam.


Effective preparation for CBSE 2024 board exams is not only about subject knowledge but also mastering answer writing skills, avoiding common mistakes, and managing time efficiently. By following these tips and strategies, students can increase their chances of scoring 100% in this crucial exam. Good luck!

The Most Awaited & Useful CBSE Resource – MTG CBSE Sample Papers
The Most Awaited & Useful CBSE Resource – MTG CBSE Sample Papers
The Most Awaited & Useful CBSE Resource – MTG CBSE Sample Papers
The Most Awaited & Useful CBSE Resource – MTG CBSE Sample Papers
Success Made Simple for CBSE Boards with MTG CBSE Solved Previous Years Papers

Success Made Simple for CBSE Boards with MTG CBSE Solved Previous Years Papers
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