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Primus Partners Unveils its First Annual Report "CHETNA" - Creating Consciousness Through Business

Dec 26, 2023 16:09 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Primus Partners Private Limited (Primus) – a leading Indian management consulting firm, has today announced its first-ever annual report for FY 2022 – 23, titled “CHETNA – Creating Consciousness Through Business”. The report provides a comprehensive exploration of the organization's distinctive philosophy and vibrant culture. This report takes an alternative approach to annual reports by shifting the focus from numbers, to showcasing meaningful impact through collaboration and community engagement, purpose, culture and work undertaken in the past year.


As India’s largest home-grown management consultancy firm, Primus has achieved tremendous financial success - 219% CAGR in terms of profit since its establishment in the year 2019. It has strategically consolidated early growth phases and made substantial investments in systems and processes to establish a robust foundation for future expansion. Crucially, it has also invested in its people: prioritizing employee engagement, retention, and efficiency through impactful initiatives.


On the launch of the Annual Report, Davinder Sandhu, Co-founder and Chairman, Primus Partners said, “It is our vision that makes us India’s most gender-diversified major management consulting firm. It gives us immense strength to master subjects, speak the facts with conviction that is firmly based on deep analysis, and be passionate about pursuing impact for our clients and our nation. The Primus Vision is not just a dream. It enables us to discover potential and promise of improvement and advancement.”


To be successful, organisations of the future need to showcase societal and ecological consciousness in their activities today towards all their stakeholders and partners – and CHETNA is the framework for them to reflect on this approach. The report traces the journey of the firm through the three states of consciousness – shushupti avastha (deep ideation), svapna avastha (visioning state), and jagrat avastha (actionstate) – from its dreamlike inception to the realization of “Primus”.


Reflecting on the year that went by, Nilaya Varma, Co-founder and CEO, Primus Partners said, “The Fiscal Year ending on March 31, 2023 was the 3rd full year of Primus Partners in its new Avatar. I am immensely proud of the progress that we have made during the year. Primus as an organisation does not set targets, as we believe growth is a function of the right people taking the right action and decision, and not because the management sets a target. We have achieved this success through continued association with existing clients – we did not lose any of our strategic clients and had over 90% retention of existing clients in this fiscal.”


Some of the noteworthy examples led by Primus Partners in the past year include:

  • Improving culture through tailored mentoring programs for career progression of senior employees; promoting diversity; stock options for employees, strong internal policy framework for POSH, whistleblower protection, international offsites; and a continued focus on learning and development  

  • Achieving for global standards through ISO certification and CMMI level 3 appraisal, and Great Place to Work certification

  • Strengthening ties through collaborations with academic and research institutes, large Indian and global corporates, industry bodies/ associations, and SME firms

  • Delivering impact through projects across multiple sectors (education, healthcare, technology, media and entertainment, financial services, etc.) and geographies, with public and private clients

  • Focus on research: Published thought leadership reports, 23 newsletters and policy update bulletins and Managing Directors authored 21 opinion editorials


Speaking on why “CHETNA” is the future of reporting frameworks, Independent Director to the firmMr. Umesh Kumar, commented, “The Annual Report for 2022-23 has brought out the consciousness framework adopted by Primus to make a sustainable and impactful presence in society in the backdrop of growing international attention to corporate ethics and responsibility. With this Primus has leaned into reporting with a new lens.”


Mr. S. Ravi, Founder and Managing Partner of Ravi Rajan and Co LLP and Advisor to Primus, commented that this is “A very well-presented annual report which reflects the success and ethos of the organisation. This annual report also captures the thought process of people who manage the affairs of this company. Primus Partners is now a brand to reckon with and has achieved a lot in this very short journey.”


The report highlights the remarkable achievements of the year that went by and captures the collective optimism for a bright future, expressed by the dedication of its people who have played a significant role in shaping this narrative. Going forward, this report is expected to set a benchmark for companies to report the impact they have made as an organisation, and not just showcase numbers in their annual reports.

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