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Ram Mandir, Rashtra Mandir - Ek Saajhi Virasat: Kuchh Ansuni Baten", Book Release - Geeta Singh and Arif Khan Bharti

English version of the book will be done by Dr. Shailesh Lachu Hiranandani

Jan 04, 2024 15:21 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

A historic event unfolded at Delhi Akashvani Rang Bhawan Auditorium, marking the release of the book "Ram Mandir, Rashtra Mandir - Ek Saajhi Virasat: Kuchh Ansuni Baten", Co-authored by Geeta Singh and Arif Khan Bharti, with a foreword by RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat. The book release witnessed the presence of dignitaries, including Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan, RSS National Executive Member Indresh Kumar, VHP National President Alok Kumar, and Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra (Trust) Ayodhya Treasurer Govind Dev. Intellectuals from diverse backgrounds, including representatives from the Muslim community and Ladakh's Buddhist community, graced the occasion. The English version will be translated by Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, the book will also be translated into various other languages.


Unveiling 'Ram MandirRashtra Mandir - Ek Saajhi VirasatKuchh Ansuni Baten' at the Grand Launch!


During the event, Indresh Kumar expressed that understanding the language of the voiceless is akin to understanding God - He is in those who hear the unspoken. Kumar emphasized the unity showcased by people from across the country, affirming that we were, are, and will remain one. He proposed that all disputes could find resolution through dialogue in the future, urging all religions to come together and contemplate this prospect.


Following the book release, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan remarked that man, being inherently ambitious, tends to become immoral in pursuit of his desires. He emphasized the necessity of an ideal figure like Maryada Purushottam Ram, who serves as a guide to limit and channelize these ambitions. According to Khan, such a figure is essential to prevent unchecked and unrestrained ambitions.


Alok Kumar, the National President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, highlighted the significance of this book, emphasizing its necessity. He expressed that earlier books on Ram Janmabhoomi seemed to harbor animosity between communities, creating an illusion of conspiracy against Muslims. Kumar emphasized the importance of this new book, clarifying that it dispels such notions and questions whether the Ram Janmabhoomi movement was solely against Muslims. The book aims to provide a more accurate and inclusive perspective on the historical context.


Dr. Hiranandani, the visionary Founder of Pancham Dham, a culmination of two decades of unwavering research, has been instrumental in safeguarding the essence of Sanatan Dharma. His significant contribution played a crucial role in bringing this book to fruition.


Lord Rama's influence transcends throughout the Asian continents. The regions of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Cambodia are intricately connected with the epic of Ramayana. Shri Ram, the unifier of India and an exemplary emperor, demonstrated unity among diverse castes and sects during his 14 years of exile. Beyond India, the legacy of Ram persists in the folklore and texts of nations including Nepal, Laos, Kampuchea, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bali, Java, Sumatra, and Thailand.


Author Prof. Geeta Singh shared that the book holds numerous untold stories and aims to dispel myths. It sheds light on the sincere efforts of the Sangh in nurturing the spirit of nationalism within Muslim society. Prof. Singh believes the book will be significant in enlightening and enhancing people's understanding. Co-author Arif Khan Bharti expressed his views, highlighting the foundational spirit of the country based on Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, championed by Maryada Purushottam Ram.


Released by Kitabwale Publishing Group, this book delves deep into 30 years of tireless endeavours by the RSS and its affiliates to foster unity between the Muslim community and the wider social fabric. Offering enlightening insights, dispelling misconceptions, and revealing untold stories of collaboration and shared values, the book provides a comprehensive exploration of these dedicated efforts.

Unveiling 'Ram Mandir, Rashtra Mandir - Ek Saajhi Virasat: Kuchh Ansuni Baten' at the Grand Launch!
Unveiling 'Ram Mandir, Rashtra Mandir - Ek Saajhi Virasat: Kuchh Ansuni Baten' at the Grand Launch!
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