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Hamari Virasat: A Tribute to Artisanal Heritage on the 75th Year of the Indian Constitution

Jan 13, 2024 13:45 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Hamari Virasat (Our Heritage), an initiative of Hand For Handmade Foundation is a celebration of the richness of the artisanal sector in India through its showcase of 75 different handmade textile artworks created by artisan groups from across the country to commemorate the momentous occasion of the 75th year of the Indian Constitution. Hamari Virasat is part of a national initiative called Har Dil Mein Samvidhan to celebrate India’s 75th Republic Day on January 26th, 2024.

Vipul Jain, Shibani Jain (Both Founders Hand for Handmade), Vinita Gursahani, Trustee, We The People Abhiyan, Aradhana, Project Curator, & Chirashree, Founder Hand For Handmade

This visually spectacular mural showcases 75 different 1mx1m artworks, each intricately made and inspired by the art represented on the preamble of the Indian Constitution. The artworks serve as a visual testament to the profound connection between the constitutional values and the artisanal sector’s contribution to nation-building. 
The mural was inaugurated on 12 January 2024 at the CSMVS museum by Ms. Sangita Jindal, Chairperson of JSW Foundation and a prominent patron of the arts for over 30 years. Along with the mural, there will be a zero-commission Artisan Bazaar for hand-crafted textiles and products featuring India’s craft and textile traditions. 
Hamari Virasat was conceptualized to celebrate the 75th year of the Constitution and act as a connector for people and artisans. Each artwork has been contributed pro-bono by Hand for Handmade members as a wholehearted attempt to use their creativity and art form towards this nation-building project that truly represents unity in diversity. Hamari Virasat is in the format of a traveling exhibition and will be on display across key cities in the country. The launch, supported by the JSW Group will be held from 12th -14th January at CSMVS museum. The mural will then be showcased at Cross Maidan during the Kala Ghoda festival from the 20th- the 28th of January before traveling to other parts of the country.   
Shibani Dasgupta Jain, Founder of Hand for Handmade Foundation, speaking on the occasion, said, “We conceptualised Hamari Virasat with the intent to put the spotlight on India’s artisan sector and its role in nation-building. It’s important to acknowledge this sector’s contribution to millions of livelihoods and women’s empowerment. Hand for Handmade is thrilled to have included 75 textile organizations/individuals a part of the Constitution's 75th-anniversary celebrations. We hope that Hamari Virasat will drive conversations around the art and craft sector and help us reimagine the industry to create greater impact in the times to come.” 
Hamari Virasat will also feature workshops that highlight stories of artists who contributed to the making of the Constitution and explore how constitutional values have translated into rights and welfare for all citizens and for artisans in particular. These will be done by the knowledge partner We, the People Abhiyan. Speaking on the link between the artisanal sector and the Constitution, Vinita Gursahani Singh, Founder of We, the People Abhiyan, added, “The diversity and craftsmanship in the Indian artisan sector mirrors the Constitution's ideals of liberty, fraternity, justice, and equality. With its myriad forms and practices, this sector represents a microcosm of Indian society, embodying the constitutional vision of a diverse yet unified nation”
Aradhana Nagpal, Project Consultant, added, “Join us in recognizing the vibrant tapestry of our heritage and the artisans who weave it. “Hamari Virasat” is not just a mural; it’s a celebration of our constitutional values through the lens of craftsmanship.” 
About Hand For Handmade Foundation
Hand For Handmade Foundation is an NGO, that was established during the COVID
-19 pandemic to support artisans. It is a collective with more than 500 artisans, designers, entrepreneurs, academicians, NGO’s and other organisations who work with the art and craft industry. Apart from the founder, design entrepreneur, Shibani Dasgupta Jain, its co-founders include Chirashree Thakkar, heritage evangelist and architect, and Vipul Jain, tech entrepreneur and investor. The mission of Hand For Handmade is to empower and support the growth of the handmade industry through knowledge sharing, design innovation and building effective linkages in the ecosystem. 

About We, The People Abhiman
We, The People Abhiyan is a non-profit organisation committed to empowering citizens to participate actively in creating an equal, free, just, and dignified society. Through training and different capacity-building initiatives We, The People Abhiyan strives to enable individuals to contribute meaningfully to their communities.
About JSW Group
The US$ 22 billion JSW Group is ranked among India's leading business houses. JSW's innovative and sustainable presence in various sectors including Steel, Energy, Infrastructure, Cement, Paints, Venture Capital and Sports is helping the Group play an important role in driving India’s economic growth. The Group strives for excellence by leveraging its strengths & capabilities including a successful track-record of executing large capital-intensive & technically complex projects, differentiated product-mix, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and greater focus on pursuing sustainable growth.


With a culturally diverse workforce spread across India, USA, Europe and Africa, JSW Group directly employs nearly 40,000 people.


It also has a strong social development focus aimed at empowering local communities residing around its Plant & Port locations. JSW Group is known to create value for all its stakeholders by combining its growth roadmap, superior execution capabilities and a relentless drive to be #BetterEveryday.

Vipul Jain, Shibani Jain (Both Founders Hand for Handmade), Vinita Gursahani, Trustee, We The People Abhiyan, Aradhana, Project Curator, & Chirashree, Founder Hand For Handmade
Vipul Jain, Shibani Jain (Both Founders Hand for Handmade), Vinita Gursahani, Trustee, We The People Abhiyan, Aradhana, Project Curator, & Chirashree, Founder Hand For Handmade
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