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Made in India, Made for the World: Delhi-based Startup Launches TurboCX, a Global Business Chat Software

Jan 16, 2024 13:07 IST 
Gurgaon, Haryana, India

An Indian software company announced the launch of TurboCX, a global business chat software that helps SMEs improve their sales and marketing using chat. Their software is equipped to work with many popular chat softwares. Himanshu Rai Sukhwani, the Founder of the company, shared this information in an interview.


Himanshu Rai Sukhwani, Founder, EdgeCX


Our software is called TurboCX, because we aim to turbocharge the chat experience for small and medium sized businesses across the world. Our partnerships in the business chat ecosystem help us deliver immense value to our customers globally,” said Himanshu while talking about their 2 year startup journey and the experience of building complex technological solutions with companies like Airtel, Meta and many others in the emerging Business Messaging market.


The company launched their software, TurboCX for the world on National Startup Day and dedicated their work to the vision of the new India that has emerged as a force in the world. “We believe in ‘Make in India, Make for the World’. Our software transcends boundaries and we are out to solve global challenges,” said Khalid, the Head of Product Engineering & Co-founder of the company.


TurboCX, the software, is a cloud chat software that businesses use to set up a single business chat number for all sales agents to chat with their customers. This gives businesses control and monitoring over chat activities.


Small businesses across the world suffer a lot of losses because customer chat is not managed at all. Our software has proven that if chat is managed well by a business, it immensely improves their sales and customer experience. This is a known concept in the enterprise business market. With TurboCX, we aim to empower millions of businesses with the same technology at a fair price that is accessible and affordable,” said the second Founder of the business.


Research on the Business Messaging market reveals that it is a $66 Bn market dominated by SMS. Many innovative chat softwares like Google’s RCS, Meta’s WhatsApp Business and Apple’s iSMS now offer paid Business Messaging solutions. This segment of the market has seen immense growth in the last 2 years. With all chat platforms now offering business solutions, the market is estimated at $1.5 Bn and is slated to grow at a 24% CAGR.


Talking about this market, Himanshu said, “Chat is the future of the world’s communication. You talk about ChatGPT, AI, Business Messaging, it’s all happening on chat. It’s always an exciting day working in this space. Business Chat, within the Business Messaging market, is a blue ocean of opportunities just waiting to be explored. The way this has been growing in front of our eyes, we see chat as the future of the world.”


The company has made their software available for free, only charging a small fee per chat.


“We want to ensure that our users are the first ones to gain value from TurboCX, then, we earn our fee. It is a very transparent and beautiful model that is inspired from a similar pricing model from WhatsApp,” said Himanshu.


Talking about building TurboCX, Founder Himanshu Rai Suhwani shared, “With a remote setup spread across India, our small team has worked over years to create and deliver digital products to customers across the world. We believe in sharing our achievements and gratitude and at this milestone moment I would like to thank my team, Khalid, Rakesh, Rohit, Shifali, Siddharth, Hammad and everyone else. We are grateful to be serving the nation today.


Talking about the future of this company, Himanshu opened up about the under representation of India and all of its diverse cultures on chat today. He said, “We don’t even have a Salaam emoji. A lot of context is missing from chat that is native to a diverse country like India. We wish to build a consumer chat software for Bharat one day. One, that is as Indian in its nature as is the tricolour we all love and respect.”


More about the software here:


About TurboCX

TurboCX is cloud-based chat-first CRM software for SMEs. With TurboCX, SMEs can get started with Business Messaging services from Meta, Google, Apple and more to bring all customer chats to a single interface. Businesses can onboard their employees on TurboCX who can respond to and manage these chats efficiently. Sign up today at


About EdgeCX

EdgeCX Pvt. Ltd. is a privately held company registered with RoC Delhi. The company builds software products that solve critical customer communication challenges faced by new-age businesses on chat. They do this because 70% of customers prefer chat to phone or email when connecting with a business today. Their products help businesses manage chat at scale, automatically & with their teams, professionally. They are on a mission to drive RoI for customers through innovation on chat.


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Himanshu Rai Sukhwani, Founder, EdgeCX
Himanshu Rai Sukhwani, Founder, EdgeCX
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