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Padma Shri Shovana Narayan Joins Women Listed In Felicitating 23 Women Achievers at the Celebrating Excellence Awards

A Vibrant convocation celebrating exceptional women for Courage Power and Grit

Jan 16, 2024 10:00 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Women Listed, an initiative that aims to bring all women entrepreneurs under one roof thus making it easier for them to connect and collaborate, recently hosted the 3rd edition of Celebrating Excellence: 23 Women in 2023 Awards. It was a high energy affair honouring 23 remarkable women from different fields for their work and journey. Founded by Meeta Gutgutia, Co-Founder FNP (Ferns N Petals) and Sipping Thoughts the award ceremony was a chance to shine a spotlight on women who have shown their prowess in diverse areas, whether it is in business, science, arts, legal, finance, social service, sports and other fields.


Meeta Gutgutia, Founder Women Listed and Co Founder FNP with Padma Shri Shovana Narayan at Celebrating Excellence Awards by Women Listed


Gracing the occasion with her presence was renowned classical dancer, Padma Shri Shovana Narayan, a trailblazer in her field and a beacon of inspiration in the realms of achievement and contribution. Speaking on the occasion Ms. Narayan said, Every woman is a force that reverberates strength and resilience. As we gather to honor these phenomenal women achievers across diverse fields, we should celebrate their empowerment, their ability to transform challenges into opportunities. Women, are the true beacons of hope and possess an innate Shakti that can overcome any hurdles. ” She further added, “Together we can compose a melody, achieving harmony, thus making our world rosy with possibilities. Women all across embody the spirit of empowerment so let us inspire each other to embrace our inherent power.”


Meeta Gutgutia, Founder Women Listed and Co-Founder FNP said, "Women who make up for 48% of the country’s population are showing their strength in every field. However their contribution to country’s GDP is still limited to a mere 18%; when I read such statistics it made me wonder why is it so. That’s when I realised that one of the main problems which women professionals face is visibility. Most women-led businesses and services are still limited to being home-based or can only be found on social media or WhatsApp Groups. With Women Listed we want to give all such women a chance to showcase their work to a broader audience. We have listed thousands of women already and our Celebrating Excellence Award is just another way for us to showcase stories of remarkable women, felicitating them and inspiring others to come forward and enter the spotlight."


The list of Awardees included - Harini Sivakumar - Founder & CEO at Earth Rhythm, Pallabi Ghosh - Anti-Trafficking Activist and founder of Impact and Dialogue Foundation, Dr. Radhika Batra - Founder & President of Every Infant Matters, Anoushka Jain - Founder of women-led heritage organisation Enroute Indian History, Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta - renowned dermatologist & cosmetologist, Priya Hingorani - Senior Supreme Court Advocate, Dr. Sharmila Oswal - social entrepreneur who is known as the "Millet Woman of India," Shivaarti Bajaj - Founding Managing Partner of RSD Bajaj Global, Priyanka Gupta – Fashion Designer & founder of Summer by Priyanka, Dr. Rita Jairath, body builder and fitness trainer and the only Female IFBB Pro-League International Judge in Asia Niharika Jain Agrawal – Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Broomees, Sachee Malhotra - Founder of That Sassy Thing, and many more.


The event saw a bevy of exceptional women achievers from diverse fields, their narratives echoed a profound journey of empowerment and resilience. Dr. Rita Jairath shared her inspiring journey of acceptance; the pursuit of which from a young age evolved into a mission of creating human possibilities. Helping her autistic son acquire skills in sports, arts and outdoor activities became a conduit for her own self-discovery, leading her to unconventional paths like bodybuilding. Her story resonates with the core message of compassion, kindness, and the belief that human possibility exists when one person contributes to the collective consciousness. Pallabi Ghosh drew strength from the resilience of the girls she rescued, emphasizing that empowerment derived from their tenacity. Breaking class barriers and bringing marginalized girls to the forefront became a mission to empower and uplift for her. The smiles and looks of gratitude from the rescued girls are, to her, more valuable than any wealth in the world. For Dr. Geetika Mittal empowerment is not just about fitting into glass slippers but also about shattering glass ceilings. Advocating for joyful and fulfilling pursuits aligned with one's passion, she highlighted the significance of events like Celebrating Excellence, serving as a reminder of empowerment that ripples beyond oneself. Anshita Mehrotra expressed gratitude for being in a room filled with like-minded individuals passionate about women empowerment. Emphasizing the importance of seeing peers as equals, she envisioned a future where the gap between genders could be bridged, fostering true equality. The gratitude expressed by Anoushka Jain for external validation underscored the significance of recognizing and celebrating the efforts of women. For Radhika Batra the award was more than a stamp of approval. It highlights that we are going ahead in the right direction towards eradication of health inequalities from the world. Together, these remarkable women showcased the collective power of diverse journeys, inspiring change and breaking barriers


The previous editions of Celebrating Excellence Awards which was held online was attended by more than 500 women from all over the country. Some of the previous Awardees included, Asha Devi – Nirbhaya’s mother, Dr. Deepa Narayan - author of Chup: Breaking The Silence About India's Women, Shivangi Nadkarni - Co-Founder & CEO of Arrka, Poonam Barua – Global business leader and CEO WILL Forum India, Payal Chawla - Founder of JUSCONTRACTUS (an All-Women Law Firm), IAS Ira Singhal, Rudrani Chettri - Transgender activist and model, and more.


About Women Listed

Women Listed, it is a powerful initiative that aims to bring all women entrepreneurs under one roof, making it easier for them to connect and collaborate. The platform provides a comprehensive solution for women who want to take their business to the next level with features such as listing, networking, marketing, and learning. Women Listed aims to reach 25 million women and add 1 Lakh women professionals to their network by 2025.

Meeta Gutgutia, Founder Women Listed and Co Founder FNP with Padma Shri Shovana Narayan at Celebrating Excellence Awards by Women Listed
Meeta Gutgutia, Founder Women Listed and Co Founder FNP with Padma Shri Shovana Narayan at Celebrating Excellence Awards by Women Listed
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