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Netrack Achieves CE Certification for Racks, Upgrading the Product Quality and Safety Standards

Jan 18, 2024 14:13 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Innovation knows no boundary, especially with Netrack. This time, it is not just another innovative rack solution but a moment of pride where Netrack racks attain CE certification. This is a significant milestone in Netrack's journey as a committed racks and related accessories manufacturer. Netrack believes in enriching customer experience; hence, it embraces technology and innovation to deliver products that meet the industry's highest standards of quality, safety, and performance.


Netrack Achieves CE Certification for racks, Upgrading the Product Quality and Safety Standards


CE certification and its growing need

CE certification is proof of Netrack's dedication to compliance with stringent European Union regulations, ensuring that its racks adhere to essential health, safety, and environmental protection standards. The CE mark signifies that Netrack's racks have undergone a rigorous assessment and have met all necessary criteria, assuring customers of their quality and reliability.


But the question is, what exactly is CE certification? CE certification is a required conformity marking for all products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). This certification ensures that the manufacturer has complied with all the guidelines, environmental commitments, and safety measures imposed by EU legislation. Netrack's achievement of this certification assures its commitment to meeting these stringent criteria and justifies the fact that it makes Netrack a leader in the market.


Starting a new chapter with trust

Now, attaining CE certification for the racks has been challenging since Netrack had to meet specific criteria that enhanced each rack's quality and durability. Each CE-certified rack ensured compliance with relevant health, safety, and environmental protection legislation. Stringent manufacturing processes have been implemented to ensure product quality and safety.


Netrack ensured that each network rack or network cabinet was manufactured to meet the essential requirements outlined in the EU directives. To get this certification, Netrack had to thoroughly understand the relevance of EU directives and compliance requirements to implement a robust quality control and testing procedure during manufacturing. This is followed by consistent production, ensuring continuous adherence to standards through periodic audits and assessments.


Safety redefined with unmatched reliability

CE certification is essential for customers as it signifies an additional layer of assurance regarding product quality and adherence to safety standards. With this certification, customers can trust that Netrack's racks meet and exceed the necessary benchmarks for quality and safety. In fact, this achievement reflects the dedication with which Netrack operates to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety in all the products it offers.


The CE certification further solidifies Netrack's commitment to offering reliable and compliant solutions to the industry. Hence, Netrack further emphasizes the fact that all the racks designed and manufactured by Netrack will now be available with UL and CE certifications. So, depending on the requirement, customers can choose a rack solution with a compliance and safety guarantee.


About Netrack

Netrack has always catered to unique customer requirements. With CE-certified racks, the objective is to offer customers a guarantee that the products they are investing in meet the highest quality and safety standards. With this certification, Netrack reiterates its commitment to providing reliable, compliant, and top-notch solutions to its clientele. 


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Netrack Achieves CE Certification for racks, Upgrading the Product Quality and Safety Standards
Netrack Achieves CE Certification for racks, Upgrading the Product Quality and Safety Standards
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