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Ambur's Next Major Development - Chennai-Bengaluru Highway (NH 44), Underway and Set for an Imminent Launch

Jan 20, 2024 13:56 IST 
Ambur, Tamil Nadu, India

Ambur, a town in Tirupattur district, is undergoing a transformative journey towards becoming a burgeoning mega city, with several key developments poised to elevate its status on both economic and infrastructural fronts. One of the pivotal projects that signify this metamorphosis is the ongoing construction of an elevated corridor along the Chennai-Bengaluru Highway (NH 44).

The corridor valued at a cost of Rs. 135 crore spans at a length of 1,450 meters and is 11 meters wide

Sanctioned in 2011 and currently in progress at a cost of Rs. 135 crore, the elevated corridor spans an impressive length of 1,450 meters and is 11 meters wide, featuring a median for enhanced safety. Complementing the main carriageway are 8-meter wide service roads, designed to facilitate smooth movement for two-wheelers, autorickshaws, and cars. The strategic location of the corridor, positioned between the Rajiv Gandhi statue and the ORR Theatre in Ambur town, addresses the historically accident-prone nature of the area due to congested neighborhoods and nearby public utilities.


With approximately 40% of the construction work already completed, the project is advancing at a rapid pace. Once finished, the elevated corridor is expected to be expanded to six lanes, a move envisioned by road development authorities officials to minimize travel time between Bengaluru and Chennai. This development is set to significantly enhance the travel experience for over 75,000 vehicles, primarily trucks and container lorries, that navigate this bustling stretch on a daily basis.


The impact of the elevated corridor on Ambur's growth is multifaceted. Beyond easing transportation, the corridor's proximity to Ambur town's bustling market, government hospital, and bus terminus is expected to foster easier access for residents and visitors. This infrastructural boon is anticipated to stimulate trade, tourism, and employment opportunities, thereby positively influencing the local economy.


Real Estate Developments

As Ambur undergoes a slew of developments, the town is also witnessing a surge in real estate prospects. The completion of the elevated corridor is poised to transform Ambur into an attractive real estate hub, triggering high demand for both residential and commercial estate projects. The town's strategic location and improved connectivity make it an appealing choice for real estate investors and developers looking to capitalize on the burgeoning growth.


In particular, the residential real estate sector in Ambur is experiencing a paradigm shift with the introduction of plotted developments. Unlike traditional living spaces, these plotted developments offer added benefits of world-class amenities and smart futuristic features. This new phase in residential real estate development aligns with the evolving needs and aspirations of the residents, further enhancing Ambur's allure as a modern and vibrant urban center. These developments are further expected to skyrocket the land appreciation rates to a major extent as well, making it a major real-estate investment hub.


In conclusion, Ambur's journey towards becoming a mega city is propelled by transformative projects such as the elevated corridor. As these developments unfold, the town is set to become a hotspot for real estate investment, offering a blend of connectivity, amenities, and futuristic living options that will attract residents and businesses alike.

The corridor valued at a cost of Rs. 135 crore spans at a length of 1,450 meters and is 11 meters wide
The corridor valued at a cost of Rs. 135 crore spans at a length of 1,450 meters and is 11 meters wide
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