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Emotional Rollercoaster: 'Words Behind Bars' by Author Medha Pushkarna

Jan 27, 2024 13:14 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Medha Pushkarna, an acclaimed author known for her book 'The Great Trial' is set to hit the emotions with her new book titled 'Words Behind Bars'. In this captivating book, emotions find expression through the rhythmic flow of poems transcending the confines of an imprisoned mind. With her writing, Medha has beautifully captured the essence of fear, agony, shock and betrayal showcasing the world constrained by invisible bars.


Author Medha Pushkarna


The poems, written within the secret diary of the main character, unfold as heartfelt letters to her father and grandmother. Each poem paints a vivid picture of the emotional restlessness experienced behind the metaphorical 'Bars'. In one, the author grapples with the complexities of friendship, while in another, she transforms into a foe.


The powerful verses like "It is not a goodbye" and "Only moments they owned", carry an overwhelming emotional weight. The latter poem reflects a universal theme, narrating a story familiar to many homes today - the loss of cherished moments amid fractured relationships. "Moments they owned" encapsulates this sentiment painfully:


"The father lost the daughter and the daughter lost the father, and both lost the only moments they owned."


Another heart-wrenching poem addressed to the grandmother introduces the character of "She", a best friend who remains a steadfast companion until the end. The raw emotions conveyed in these verses provide readers with a profound and intimate connection to the narrator's innermost thoughts and feelings.


Accompanying the poems are two video trailers available on the author's YouTube channel. One trailer says, "It is not a goodbye", recounting the final moments with a beloved grandmother. The trailers offer a visual glimpse into the heart of the book, showcasing the emotional depth of the verses.


Moreover, handmade drawings by the author accompany the poems, serving as visual reflections of the personal struggles and victories of the main character. These sketches, direct from the secret diary, further enrich the reading experience, adding a unique and personal touch to the collection.


After 'The Great Trial' series, Medha Pushkarna has once again demonstrated her storytelling prowess. With 'Words Behind Bars', Medha takes readers on an emotional roller-coaster journey offering a unique perspective through the lens of a deeply personal diary.

Author Medha Pushkarna
Author Medha Pushkarna
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