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Kshitij 2024 Unfolded as a Spectacular Fest

Jan 31, 2024 10:30 IST 
Kharagpur, West Bengal, India

Kshitij 2024 unfolded as a spectacular fest, featuring an array of over 20 competitions boasting a remarkable total prize pool of INR 35 lakhs. Participants immersed themselves in a diverse range of challenging contests that evaluated both their technical prowess and managerial skills throughout the 3 days of the fest. Kshitij offers a diverse array of competitions, spanning robotics, coding, data science, finance, and entrepreneurship. In addition, Kshitij features Gamefest with intense esports battles and unique quizzes. The fest had exhibitions from renowned government organizations like DRDO and the Indian Navy. Additionally, we had drones from Canada as well as the chance of experiencing first-person view drones. The event served as a platform for students to explore and excel in various fields.

Kshitij 2024‚Äč

Day 0

The inaugural day of Kshitij 2024 was marked by an air of anticipation as we welcomed our distinguished guests Mr. G Satheesh Reddy (Former Chairperson, Defence Research and Development Organisation) to grace the event. The highlight of the day was a groundbreaking moment when Kebbi robot took center stage to deliver a speech, seamlessly blending technology and human interaction. Tracer took the stage for a sensational EDM night, setting the tone for an unforgettable experience. The fest continued with a silent DJ experience, where participants could groove to their favourite tunes with wireless headphones, adding an interactive and personalized touch to the celebration. The first day of the fest was a dynamic blend of music, excitement, and innovation, leaving participants eagerly anticipating the upcoming days of Kshitij 2024.

Day 1

Participants gained valuable insights from Defence Talks by the Indian Navy, explored hands-on workshops, and were treated to a thought-provoking LAD Talk by Vice Admiral Biswajit Das Gupta (retd.). The second day included an engaging Actors Roundtable featuring Sunny Hinduja-our 'Sandeep Bhaiya’ from TVF's Aspirants cast. The night took a pulsating turn with extravaganza headlined by Julia Bliss and DJ Sartek, adding star power and musical flair to the festivities. The dynamic lineup exemplified the fest's dedication to providing diverse and memorable experiences for participants.

Day 2

The third day of the fest commenced with a high-profile Tech Summit. We hosted notable figures including Dr. SK Pal (Director of the Indian Statistical Institute), Mr. D Sivanandan (Ex-CBI Chairman) and Mr. Sandeep Jain (Founder of GeeksforGeeks). The day also featured a thrilling stunt show by Pulsarmaina and a Youtubers' Roundtable with the Chanchlani team, Round2hell, and Satish Ray. The evening culminated in a star-studded Bollywood Night, headlined by Anshika Pandey and Aastha Gill.

Kshitij 2024
Kshitij 2024
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