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Fever FM Redefines Radio for the Digital Era with a Brand Refresh, Unveils New logo, and Tagline, "Happening Hai"

Fever's rebranding initiative is designed to position itself as a youth-centered content network, transcending its traditional radio identity

Jan 31, 2024 17:34 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Fever FM Network, one of India's largest Audio entertainment players, today unveiled its new Brand Identity and tagline “Happening Hai”, empowering listeners to shape their own narratives and curate content on air that resonates with them. Fever listeners will now get to select and cancel songs and playlists on air, choose their RJs, and even curate shows, among other features.


Fever FM Redefines Radio with Brand Refresh, Unveils New Logo


Launched in 2006, Fever is one of India’s most popular radio stations, airing in 15 cities with 35 million listeners. The 5-phased digital and social media campaign is part of Fever’s commitment to staying relevant to the ever-evolving digital audio landscape and positioning itself as a youth-centered content network.


The new campaign commenced on January 30 with a cryptic video message from Ramesh Menon, the CEO of Fever. In the message, he hinted at old radio's closure due to the evolving media landscape, startling millions.


Fever followed this up the same evening with another video from Menon to unveil its campaign of 'Purana Radio ab Khatam', paving the way for a refreshed version of Fever with the new tagline “Happening Hai”. This video marked the launch of the first phase of the campaign 'Fever ka Remote ab Aapke Haath Main Hain', which translates to 'The remote of Fever is in your hands” – the power to influence and curate content is no longer limited to creators; it now rests in the hands of every individual and listener.


To mark this transformation, Fever also unveiled a new logo and a new sonic identity christened, the “The fever whisper encapsulating three key aspects.

  • Firstly, the subtle suggestion of a pencil tip symbolizing creativity and Fever's commitment to content creation.

  • Secondly, the three parallel waveforms representing the expansive nature of the network, reaching various platforms and mediums.

  • Thirdly, the incorporation of the mnemonic into the modern and minimalistic wordmark, reflecting Fever's forward-looking and versatile brand identity.


The primary color palette pulsates with the dynamic energy of youth, and a new generation, featuring neon shades of pink and purple that signify vibrance and enthusiasm.


“We are excited to launch the ’New Fever’ with a focus on the new age, digital savvy, younger generation. The new Fever will be curated by the listeners, for the listeners. It revolutionizes the way we ever experienced radio. Your love for the brand has shaped us over the years and provided us with insights to deepen our understanding of your needs. We are confident you will have a wonderful time engaging with us terrestrially and digitally on the ’New Fever’.  Ramesh Menon, CEO, Audio, HT Media Group said.


Fever promises to live up to the expectations of a new generation of digital native consumers by completely overhauling its music mix and not sticking to a fixed format. Fever will start playing happening tracks, ensuring that the music, listeners are hooked on to digitally is on radio as well. Not just music, Fever FM will continue to entertain and engage listeners with relevant and trending talk with happening RJs, trending social content, well-produced audio dramas, and live concerts & IPs.


For all the latest updates, visit Fever FM's official LinkedIn page at:

Fever FM Redefines Radio with Brand Refresh, Unveils New Logo
Fever FM Redefines Radio with Brand Refresh, Unveils New Logo
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