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Singaperumal Koil Poised to Become Chennai's Next IT Hub, Following the Footsteps of OMR and ECR

Mar 07, 2024 15:35 IST 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

While the OMR-ECR stretch is popularly known as the IT hub of the city, not many are aware of how an upcoming part of the city which is slowly gaining recognition as the future IT hub of Chennai. Singaperumal Koil, is currently on a fast track to becoming that future IT hub, marking a significant shift in the real estate and employment landscape of the region. This area, known for its historical and cultural significance, is now witnessing a transformative development, fueled by the entry of major IT companies and a consequent shift in the demographic and economic profile of the region. 


Singaperumal Koil is the satellite town city of Chennai, located in the Southern region of the city


Emerging IT Hub

The establishment of IT giants like CTS, Capgemini India, Infosys, and others in Mahindra World City and the Zoho IT Park in Maraimalai Nagar has set the stage for Singaperumal Koil's emergence as a new IT hub. This development is not just a boon for the IT sector but is also reshaping the local economy and real estate market. The presence of these companies attracts professionals from various parts of the country, seeking higher quality career opportunities and a work-life balance that the region promises.


Work-Life Balance and Connectivity

One of the critical factors driving people towards Singaperumal Koil is the promise of a better work-life balance. The strategic location, coupled with improved connectivity to major parts of Chennai like Tambaram and locations on the GST road through rail and road networks, reduces travel time significantly. Professionals can now envision a life where hours are not lost in commute.


Real Estate Growth

The influx of IT companies and the growing workforce in the area have led to a real estate growth in Singaperumal Koil. The demand for both residential and commercial properties is on the rise, driving up land prices. Investors and real estate developers are keenly eyeing this area, anticipating further growth as the IT sector continues to expand. The development of IT parks has made Singaperumal Koil an attractive destination for those looking to invest in property, foreseeing substantial returns on investment in the near future. People from within the city are already migrating and setting up their homes and investing in land plots to settle in this locality. Organized plotted developers are also purchasing large parcels of lands to setup secured residential communities here.


Future Prospects

The trajectory of development in Singaperumal Koil suggests that this area is not just becoming an IT hub but is also evolving into a comprehensive ecosystem that supports both professional and personal growth. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, a growing economy, and a vibrant community, Singaperumal Koil is poised to set a benchmark for other regions aspiring to become IT hubs. The ongoing developments promise to enhance the quality of life, provide ample employment opportunities, and ensure robust growth in the real estate sector.

Singaperumal Koil is the satellite town city of Chennai, located in the Southern region of the city
Singaperumal Koil is the satellite town city of Chennai, located in the Southern region of the city
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