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Renowned Social Worker Pramod Raghav Begins Several Charitable Projects to Improve Communities

Apr 23, 2024 11:52 IST 
Gurugram, Haryana, India

Niswarth Kadam begins several charitable projects to improve communities. All the activities were successfully conducted under Pramod Raghav’s direction.


Pramod Raghav Founder Niswarth Kadam

Through the efforts of Pramod Raghav, a free bus service for Ram devotees from the village of Ghamdouj, Gurugram, was launched, providing them with a convenient and safe way to travel to the holy Ayodhya Ram Temple. This action, which was carried out in cooperation with prominent authorities such as Region Sanghchalak (RSS) Honorable Pawan Ji Jindal, shows Pramod Raghav's strong commitment to protecting religious feelings while making sure that everyone may access it.


At the same time, members of Niswarth Kadam, expanded their efforts to help others by donating clothing to laborers and people with limited resources living in Sector 37 Gurgaon. This charitable initiative conveys their primary goal of improving equality and social success.


In another mega campaign of cleanliness awareness, the "Niswarth Kadam" organization launched a major initiative in an effort to address the urgent issue of menstruation hygiene among young girls. At Government Secondary School in Wazirpur, free sanitary pads were given out in an effort to decrease the difficulties students encounter in obtaining necessary monthly supplies.


Moreover, they lead the continuing Then Ek Kadam Neki Ki Aur effort by Selfless Kadam, which distributed milk to Cluster School in Sector-92 of Gurugram. Understanding how important nutrition is to a child's growth, this program aims to give young students the nutrients they need to stay healthy and happy. 

Regarding this project, Pramod Raghav highlighted the need of giving children nutritional support, highlighting the organization's dedication to encouraging the community's overall growth. His constant commitment to serving humanity and promoting helpful social change can be seen by his projects. He continues to encourage others to work together to create a more just and compassionate world by his acts of kindness.

Pramod Raghav Founder Niswarth Kadam
Pramod Raghav Founder Niswarth Kadam
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