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Discover the Largest Private Powerhouse of Startups in Rajasthan

May 27, 2024 18:26 IST 
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Marwari Catalysts, a dynamic force in the entrepreneurial landscape, has supported over 25+ innovative startups from Rajasthan within its extensive portfolio of more than 80 startups. This remarkable growth, achieved in just three years, is further bolstered by its unique 100+ co-founders club. By nurturing local talent and fostering innovation, MCats is shaping a stronger and richer future for the region.


 Empowering Rajasthan: 25+ Startups, 80+ Ventures, 100+ Co-Founders. Building a Brighter Future Together!


With game-changing startups like TURMS, Jaipur Watch Company, Insurance Padosi, Revoquant, Yearbook Canvas and Climekare, MCats, a leading startup accelerator is driving innovation. With four portfolio founders being featured on Shark Tank (Surender S. Rajpurohit, TURMS; Alpna Tiwari, Nushka Kitchen; Jaipur Watch Company, Gaurav Mehta; Deepesh Rajpal, Onedose), We have experienced 50x growth and savoured 10x exits. MCats showcases the entrepreneurial spirit that sets Rajasthan’s scene apart from just deserts and palaces. These ventures, collectively generating over 200 crore in revenue, employing more than 1,200 people, and having raised over 125 crore in funds, are revolutionising industries and paving the way for a prosperous future in the region.


MCats has built strong associations with several esteemed government and private incubators. Notable among these are IIT Jodhpur, iStart Rajasthan, Madhav University, and Ayurveda University. These collaborations enhance MCats' capacity to nurture and accelerate startups, leveraging the rich resources, expertise, and innovative ecosystems these institutions offer.


Sushil Sharma, the visionary Founder of Marwari Catalysts, has always been motivated by a profound desire to contribute to his homeland and connect like-minded people. He says "gold” lies in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. MCats creates local opportunities, reducing the need for migration to bigger cities. With a team of seasoned shareholders and mentors who have "been there, done that," they offer invaluable guidance to emerging entrepreneurs. The 100+ Co-Founders Club fosters a collaborative environment where innovation thrives. This is just the beginning, as Sushil Sharma hints at even more ambitious plans ahead.


Spotlighting Rajasthan’s Leading Startups


Showcasing over 25 innovative startups from Rajasthan, categorised by their unique sectors.



  1. TURMS

  2. Jaipur Watch Company

  3. Prakrti

  4. Thela Gaadi


  1. Revoquant

  2. Insurance Padosi


  1. Startup Chaupal

  2. Click Catalysts


  1. Yougami

  2. Learn N Build

  3. Yearbook Canvas


  1. First Crack Coffee Roasters

  2. Freshwoof

  3. Nuskha Kitchen

  4. Prakrti

  5. Thela Gaadi

  6. Temporal Trendsetters


  1. Mobi Rapid

Health Care

  1. Near Ambulance

  2. Pratap IVF

  3. Sarathi Health Care

  4. One Dose

Media & Entertainment

  1. Jhumo Radio


  1. Literom

Sustainable & Climate Tech

  1. Buy By Scrap

  2. Climekare

Community Building

  1. WorkAffair

  2. Sarathi Health Care

  3. The Book Cafe


  1. Freshokartz

Empowering Rajasthan’s Visionaries

We are incredibly proud of the remarkable startups emerging from Rajasthan,” said Sushil Sharma, Founder of Marwari Catalysts. “These startups embody the innovative spirit and entrepreneurial excellence that we strive to nurture at MCats. By supporting them, we aim to catalyse a new wave of growth and innovation in the state.


Gaurav Mehta, Founder of Jaipur Watch Company, shared his thoughts: “MCats is not just an accelerator, It is a community of like minded people, supporting each other to achieve something greater, More such initiatives are required PAN India to strengthen Indian ecosystem better.”


"MCats has been instrumental in our journey at TURMS, providing us with invaluable resources. Their unwavering support has not only helped us grow but also empowered numerous startups across India. MCats is truly transforming the startup ecosystem, creating opportunities for local talent to thrive and innovate.” remarks Surendra S. Rajpurohit, Founder & CEO of TURMS.


"Marwari Catalysts has transformed our journey with their strategic insights, financial backing, and giving us a second opinion in legal, marketing, branding, infrastructure & pivoting HR. Their unwavering support has fueled our innovation and growth, making a significant impact on the startup ecosystem," shares Kapil Soni, Founder of Revoquant.


"Marwari Catalysts has been crucial in offering reverse brain-drain, creating the entire ecosystem; cafe, co working space, events, activating angel investor & finally, the acceleration program including funding," asserts Anish Thomas, Head- Government Initiatives at Marwari Catalysts.


Driving Innovation and Economic Growth

MCats is dedicated to providing startups with the financial resources, strategic guidance, and mentorship they need to thrive, fostering a strong sense of community. By focusing on diverse sectors such as FinTech, SportTech/Gaming, ReligionTech, AR/VR, D2C, Ayurveda, Enterprise AI, MediaTech and Entertainment, PropTech, DefenceTech, BioTech, Food and AgriTech, Climate Change, Healthcare, Supply Chain Logistics, SpaceTech, and Tourism and Hospitality, MCats is addressing critical challenges and unlocking new opportunities for growth and development in Rajasthan. The 100+ Co-Founders Club exemplifies their commitment to collaboration and innovation.


The latest cohort, Thrive 8.0, epitomises this commitment, supporting innovative startups across these key industries to foster a robust and dynamic startup ecosystem in the region. Additionally, MCats hosts an annual flagship event, Startup Xchange, which brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders. This year, four startup Demo Days are scheduled in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Jaipur, providing a platform for startups to showcase their progress and innovations to potential investors and partners.


Join the Movement

Investors and entrepreneurs are invited to join this transformative journey, contributing to the growth and success of Rajasthan’s burgeoning startup ecosystem. Together, we can create a brighter, more prosperous future for Rajasthan, driving innovation and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship that will benefit generations to come.


About Marwari Catalysts

MCats is a leading startup accelerator based in Rajasthan, with regional offices located in Jodhpur, Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, It is dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurial talent and fostering innovation. With a robust portfolio of successful startups and a strong commitment to driving economic growth, MCats is at the forefront of India’s startup ecosystem, empowering visionaries and transforming ideas into reality.

Empowering Rajasthan: 25+ Startups, 80+ Ventures, 100+ Co-Founders. Building a Brighter Future Together!
Empowering Rajasthan: 25+ Startups, 80+ Ventures, 100+ Co-Founders. Building a Brighter Future Together!
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