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Virat Kohli Brings TIDL - America's Fastest-growing Pain Relief Brand to India

As TIDL’s brand ambassador and partner, the cricket icon aims to change the way India understands pain relief

Jun 10, 2024 17:05 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

TIDL, America’s fastest-growing pain relief brand, will shortly enter the Indian market with cricket superstar Virat Kohli to offer next-generation pain relief solutions.


Virat Kohli for TIDL


This partnership, in association with the Baidyanath Group, will change the way India understands pain. TIDL’s range of innovative products are formulated to not only address pain effectively, but also empower consumers to take control of their own pain management.


(L -R) Prashant Raj, Virat Kohli, Siddhesh Sharma


In 2021, Conor McGregor, World-Class UFC Champion, joined hands with team TIDL. In response to the upcoming India launch, McGregor said, “TIDL isn’t just about pain relief; it’s about changing the game. Bringing TIDL to India with Virat Kohli is an incredible honor. The energy, passion, and resilience of the Indian people remind me of my own journey. We’re here to show India what real recovery looks like. Get ready because we’re just getting started!”


TIDL’s revolutionary approach combines clinically proven ingredients with natural plant extracts to directly target the source of pain. The result is fragrant, soothing, and brings instant relief.


TIDL’s solutions are going to change the way Indians understand and deal with pain. Pain is not only uncomfortable, but it also affects us on a deeper level, damaging our sleep quality, mental health, focus and energy. Pain restricts our ability to achieve our highest potential. With TIDL, these barriers are broken, and we can get back to doing the things we love - be it fitness, family, or work!” said Prashant Raj, Co-founder and COO, TIDL.


TIDL products are ideal for ‘everyday life,’ capable of delivering relief anytime, anywhere whether that’s daily activity, overnight, fitness, or even clinical strength applications. The brand’s flagship products include Cryotherapy Spray, Heat Therapy Spray, Cryotherapy Joint Cream, Numbing Pain Patch, and Heat Therapy Roll On. 


As a sportsperson, you learn to adapt to a higher pain threshold. I’ve taught myself to live with it without compromising on my goals. Pain is a constant challenge, hindering quality of life. TIDL is a game-changer letting you reclaim the joy of living by changing the way you find relief. I’m delighted to represent this brand as the ambassador. Looking forward to making India pain-free. No Pain, No Limits!” said Virat Kohli.


Baidyanath’s President and TIDL India Director Siddhesh Sharma said, - “I am in the business of making people happy, when I say happy, I mean healthy. We dream and work towards seeing a healthier India everyday and TIDL fits into our group’s ethos seamlessly. TIDL is the future of pain relief, it’s excellent for prevention and treatment both. Baidyanath brings world class infrastructure in R&D, manufacturing and distribution giving TIDL the perfect launch pad in India. There’s no better testimony than Virat himself using TIDL everyday, and to have him as a partner in this exciting venture says it all.


The launch of TIDL in India marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey towards revolutionizing pain relief and empowering individuals everywhere to embrace holistic living.


TIDL products are currently available on and

Virat Kohli for TIDL
Virat Kohli for TIDL
(L -R) Prashant Raj, Virat Kohli, Siddhesh Sharma
(L -R) Prashant Raj, Virat Kohli, Siddhesh Sharma
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