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Let's VFX Hit the Bollywood Newbie List

Ankit Swami, an Einstein of Animation with perfect calculation for every video

May 20, 2019   17:24 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A VFX artist and animator hailing from Jaipur, Rajasthan - Ankit Swami is hitting the trending charts on YouTube with its new song in collaboration with Raftaar. The 21-year-old self-made VFX artist acquired his skills through YouTube tutorials. 


Ankit Swami

He did a graphical revamp of one of Raftaar’s video which got picked by the star himself. When Raftaar was creating his music video ‘Main Wahi Hoon’ He gave Let's VFX the contract for VFX of the music video. While sharing his experience working with Raftaar, Ankit said, "It takes a lot of time to edit a one-minute video, all that scribbling and editing requires a lot of focus and continuous sitting of more than 15 hours a day. Sometimes I even forget to eat food. The issue is that VFX in Bollywood is dead. However, in Hollywood, the music videos are completely based on VFX and I want to bring that to Bollywood. After a long time of practice and a lot of efforts, my work is finally gaining appreciation. One day I got a call from Raftaar Sir and he asked me about work on the VFX for his music video. He gave me a chance and I gave it my best shot.”

Ankit got his first break in Lom Harsh’s Chicken Biryani after that he continued working alongside the director in further projects like Chicken Biryani 2, Main Udna Chahti hu and Chal bandeya.


Main Wahi Hoon - RAFTAAR feat. KARMA | The School Song


Ankit has done some videos for very well known dancers and choreographers Malvin Louis,Tejas Dhoke, Teamnach, Sonali Bhadoria, Dhanashree Verma, Bandagi kalra, Varun Dhawan, Neha Kakkar, Hollywood actress Maria laura amd Akshun Abhimanyu , seanlew after his VFX edit their videos took new height. He recently done collaboration with T-Series for Songs. He done VFX in Tulsi Kumar's video also. He shows his best creation with many more celebs like.


Ankit founded his company Let's VFX in 2015. He initially started by doing some whacky music videos and slowly his work started to gain attention. His pure dedication and curiosity birth many of his great work and pivoted his company to success.Ankit's VFX work can also be seen in upcoming Bollywood film Yeh Hai India Which is set to release on 24th may.

Ankit Swami
Ankit Swami

Main Wahi Hoon - RAFTAAR feat. KARMA | The School Song
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