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airCloud Home App | Hitachi Cooling & Heating India

Sep 19, 2022 16:08 IST 
Delhi, India

This article talks about the Internet of Things (IoT) and its examples, home automation, voice command and its advantages, and smart air conditioners by Hitachi Cooling & Heating India with the benefits of airCloud Home.


The Internet of Things and Your Home

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) means how devices use the internet to interact with each other and to receive commands from other devices or users. There are a variety of applications and systems that connect devices together and that dictate the way in which they function:


  • Devices that collect information and send it to another

  • Devices that receive information and then produce an action

  • Devices that are capable of doing both


The most important benefit of using IoT enabled devices is "convenience". Operations like locking the doors at night, automatically dimming the lights, increasing the volume of music, opening and closing the curtains, etc. It’s due to data-sharing between devices that enables these small actions that cater to our convenience and comfort at home.


Homeowners can effectively manage and control such routine activities by simply pairing the devices with their smartphones or tablets using Wi-Fi. And mostly, a dedicated app enables the user to operate the device anytime, from anywhere in the house.


The Use of IoT and Smart Air Conditioners

With more and more homes adopting smart technology, we are moving towards the concept of the smart home and creating living spaces that react and adapt to our needs with just a few or no commands required, paving the way for home automation.


The Internet of Things today is being used to reinvent the way we interact with technology and enhance our experience of comfort at home. With the mounting interest in connected and convenient home solutions, Hitachi Cooling & Heating India has refreshed the IoT offering with the launch of airCloud Home, the new suite of apps that make your air conditioning smart air conditioning.


Going Smart with airCloud Home

airCloud Home is Hitachi Cooling & Heating India’s next generation of IoT centric apps that do just that, provide convenient climate control that lets you manage and monitor your system via your smartphone, and help lower energy consumption. With its modernized UI, the user experience is simple and intuitive, from installation through to its configuration and usage.


Hitachi Cooling & Heating India’s airCloud Home app has been designed to complement people’s lifestyles and work in sync with busy schedules. Operating the air conditioner and adjusting the temperature is made easier, and homeowners have freedom to control their air conditioner from anywhere in the house or even when on the go. To improve comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency, with airCloud Home:


  • Quickly check the status of your air conditioner without physically going to the room and interacting with the unit.

  • Remotely operate the AC anytime, anywhere, even when not inside the house.

  • A more intuitive and attractive UI than what the regular remote controls offers.

  • Who hasn’t left the AC on by mistake? Turn off all the AC units with just one button.

  • Better management and control over the efficiency of your home’s air conditioning.


Smart Air Conditioning and Voice Command

When at home, voice command lets users control their air conditioning hands-free, making it convenient when engaged in other activities around the house whilst keeping the perfect indoor climate. By using airCloud Home, tasks like cooking, cleaning, or working out at home don’t need to be interrupted. You can rely on voice commands to alter the air around you, so you don’t have to worry about carrying dirt or mess across the room or physically handling the remote control.


Easy to Install, Easy to Use

The ease of installation can sway a customer’s interest in a product, and, with that in mind, Hitachi Cooling & Heating India has made sure that airCloud Home is fast and easy to install, as is the process of pairing it with your smartphone. By using the QR code featured on the unit, in just a few steps you’ll be able to use your smartphone or speaker to manage your home’s air.


Each home is different and, keeping this at the center,Hitachi Cooling & Heating India developed airCloud Home to suit your lifestyle. You can schedule the AC on/off timer as per your routine, aiding you to run your AC units more efficiently.


In order to enjoy airCloud Home, Hitachi Cooling & Heating India offers Wi-Fi enabled air conditioners. With the IoT and its possibilities in constant evolution, the company constantly develops new ways to make your comfort at home more connected and efficient.


To learn more about airCloud Home, click here. And if you have an enquiry regarding our products and services, you can contact us here.

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