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Airmeet Unveils First-to-Market Virtual Networking Features, Redefining how Professionals Connect

Fast-growing end-to-end events platform introduces new networking features to drive engagement in virtual conferences

Oct 13, 2021 18:25 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Airmeet, the exceptionally engaging virtual events platform for event organizers to host interactive and immersive virtual events, today announced a suite of virtual networking features including 1:1 Speed Networking, Scheduled Meetings, and Rich Profiles. The features, designed to increase attendee engagement and unlock organizations’ return on investment for events, are the first of their kind on the market.


First-to-Market Virtual Networking Features


One-on-one discussions in virtual networking events hold enormous value for hosts and attendees alike. Too many organizations, however, have long been burdened by outdated and manual processes making virtual event experiences slow and uninteresting for attendees. Having recognized this challenge across industries, Airmeet has developed a suite of networking features to empower organisers by giving them the opportunity to set the rules around who gets to meet whom. This powerful combination of networking agility and quality allows organizations to unlock even more user-generated content and discussions, create a more engaging attendee experience, nurture new and existing stakeholder relationships, and increase their overall return on investment in events.


Airmeet’s Social Lounge, that continues to be the most loved virtual space, will also be a part of the updated suite of networking features which include:


  • 1:1 Speed Networking allows organizers to set the framework around who gets to connect with whom thus making the virtual Speed Networking events more interactive, resulting in better 1-on-1 matching, and increased attendee engagement. This first-to-market feature, which creates matches based on attendee profiles, increases the percentage of successful and meaningful attendee matches at a higher speed.


  • Scheduled Meetings allows hosts to send private meeting requests to an individual or a group. The platform also encourages a dynamic flow of conversation between the audience and speakers. Personal interactions between members of the audience or with the speakers can be initiated during the course of the event. The feature also includes a do-not-disturb mode to prevent meetings from becoming overwhelming.


  • Rich Profiles allows participants to add more personality to their event profiles by adding their introduction, interests, and social profiles links. These rich and comprehensive profiles break the barriers of first introductions and enhance networking conversations among participants.


  • User Generated Conversations is an innovative networking feature that democratizes networking and dialogue. With this, the organizers can empower attendees to create tables on topics of their own choosing, invite others to the tables, and drive conversations.


“Our research shows that two out of three virtual event attendees aren’t able to find a match during Speed Networking rounds in other platforms - resulting in lost time and a disjointed attendee experience,” said Lalit Mangal, CEO and Co-founder of Airmeet. “With Airmeet’s networking features, hosts can solve this challenge in real-time while attendees reap the benefits of meaningful, one-on-one knowledge sharing. We’re excited to see how these first-to-market features transform the effectiveness of customers’ events.”


About Airmeet

Airmeet is a near-to-real, exceptionally engaging virtual and hybrid events platform for organizations and communities, who are looking to build networks and strengthen relationships year long, by unlocking the value of people’s presence, and making connections real and contextual, from anywhere. Airmeet was founded in 2019 by IIT alumni & ex-Common Floor executives Lalit Mangal, Manoj Kumar Singh and Vinay Kumar Jasti. With a core focus on creating the most interactive & immersive virtual events platform for knowledge professionals, Airmeet’s scalable platform supports a variety of event formats including career fairs, expos, meetups, workshops, summits, town halls and more, virtually.


Airmeet is currently a 300+ person remote-first team based out of six countries. Airmeet has raised $15M+ in venture capital from Sequoia Capital India, Accel India, Redpoint Ventures US, Venture Highway, Global Founders Capital and some marquee angels. Airmeet is growing aggressively globally.


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First-to-Market Virtual Networking Features
First-to-Market Virtual Networking Features
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