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Alde Medi, Leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry is Now in Africa

Jan 15, 2020 12:55 IST 
Delhi, India

In this modern age, where everything comes adulterated, medicines are also of no exception. It has become highly difficult to find genuine medicines and treatments for the common man. Alde Medi Impex Ltd. is one of the top pharma companies providing top-notch health care and medication facilities, which makes them unique from the rest. Their medicines are 100% reliable and free from chemical toxins.


Rajesh, Manas & Mehul Rastogi, Alde Medi


Alde Medi is all set to launch its business in African Continent. With this venture, Alde aims at establishing itself in the booming pharmaceutical market of Africa. Alde is dedicated to improving healthcare at affordable costs. There are plenty of unexplored opportunities along with an increase in clinical trials in the region. With many countries still backward in healthcare, Alde sees enormous options to spread its wings in Africa.


Mr. Rajesh Rastogi, the Founder, started Alde with the retailing of pharma products in 1978. As he saw a continual success, he stepped into wholesale and then later to distributorship of 50 leading companies. With 20 years of experience in pharma supply and distribution, in 1997. Being in the industry from 1997, Alde Medi Impex Ltd. made it to the top among the other medical suppliers and manufacturers of India by constant and rigorous efforts in providing trustworthy medicines. The strict adherence to the international rules and regulations in the manufacture and distribution of medical products has given an edge to Alde Medi from the rest of its competitors.


In 2013, Mr. Manas Rastogi, son of Mr. Rajesh Rastogi, joined Alde Medi Impex Ltd., who had graduated in B.Tech (Biotechnology) and had completed his Post-graduation in MBA (Marketing) from United Kingdom. The biggest support to Mr. Manas has been from his younger brother Mr. Mehul Rastogi who handles the Production & Distribution. Together they have innovated in expansion strategies and implemented strong Human resource planning which has led to a stronger, dedicated and positive attitude within the team, all in all leading to an enormous growth since then.


Alde Medi Impex Ltd. planned to launch few products in near future in joint venture with European manufacturers. It has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and has a wide range of healthcare and medical products such as Antibiotics, NSAIDs, Gastrointestinal, Anthelmintic, Cardiovascular, Diabetic, Nutraceuticals, Anti-diarrheal, and several other categories. Their products undergo quality screening multiple times by highly qualified quality assurance executives; and then, they finally make their way into the market.


Alde Medi strives hard to provide highly effective medicines at competitive costs. They work towards achieving this goal relentlessly. Many testimonials from partners and customers act as proof that they are on right track.

Rajesh, Manas & Mehul Rastogi, Alde Medi
Rajesh, Manas & Mehul Rastogi, Alde Medi
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