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All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) Seeks National Gems & Jewellery Council Status at its 9th AGM

GJF commits education, capacity building, compliance, benchmarking and image building initiatives for India’s gems & jewellery businesses

Sep 10, 2014   16:00 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • GJF initiates over 30 major events for the trade and stakeholders in 2013-14


  • Membership grew 20% in 2013-14 vis-à-vis 2012-13


  • Proposes practical and viable norms for hallmarking


  • Build confidence for the trade as well as for consumers


  • Helps jewellers Grow, Achieve & Excel



The All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) urged the Government to grant it National Gems & Jewellery Council status at its 9th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on September 7, 2014. Union Ministry of Commerce had forwarded the file related to Council formation to Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) with recommendation for their considerations. The Board of Directors of GJF have approved relevant changes in the Articles of Association as per the new Companies Act so as to function as a deemed Council.


Present at GJF’s AGM were Hon. Chairman Mr. Haresh Soni, Vice Chairman Mr. Manish Jain, Past Chairmen Mr. Bachhraj Bamalwa, Mr. Ashok Minawala; and the Regional Chairmen.

During 2013-14, GJF increased membership by 20% over 2012-13. The Federation initiated over 30 events across India on behalf of the various constituents and stakeholders of the Gem & Jewellery (G&J) industry. GJF delegations met prominent personalities including the Union Finance Minister, Members of Parliament and also initiated several awareness initiatives through apex associations such as FICCI. GJF also organised several Buyer-Seller meets, Regional Leadership Summits, B2B exhibitions and Awards functions in different parts of India.


Mr. Haresh Soni, Chairman, GJF, said, “In our tenth year, GJF is now a one-of-its-kind strong and dynamic industry body. As we gear up to getting National Gems & Jewellery Council status, our focus is on Education and Capacity Building; Compliance; Benchmarking and Image Building for the Gems & Jewellery business. GJF’s Action Taken Report (ATR) for 2013-14 indicates that in every field we have taken significant steps for betterment and for growth by creating programmes such as Labham, Star Scheme, Trust Mark and Preferred Manufacturer of India (PMI) amongst others. We continue to facilitate the process of making all gems & jewellery businesses more organised and professional.”


Talking about engaging Government and policy makers, Mr. Soni added, “Policy makers and influencers have to consider the fact that our country has a history of giving jewellers and gold a significant place in the Indian economy and social framework. Imposing the Gold Control Raj and making it the sole culprit when so many other variables come into play is not right. GJF is engaging policy makers through dialogue and exploring all options to address significant issues facing the industry such as reduction in gold import duties; abolishing the 80:20 Rule; studying the impact of New Companies Act on the jewellers; facilitating a viable and practical Hallmarking process.”


Mr. Manish Jain, Vice Chairman, GJF, said, “For 9 years, GJF has stood by the different constituents and stakeholders of the gems and jewellery sector. As we complete a decade, we shall continue to engage the policy makers on key issues such as Hallmarking, Gold Control Raj and the new Companies Act. We shall impress upon the policy makers that jewellers don’t need a licence to sell quality products to people as this practice is unheard of in any other sector or business. Policy makers have to acknowledge that jewellers’ long lasting relationships with customers in different parts of the country is proof of our service to society.”


Mr. Bachhraj Bamalwa, Past Chairman, GJF, said, “GJF continues to strive towards promoting, protecting and progressing of the gems and jewellery sector. Our intent is to bring the smallest of jewellers into the mainstream. GJF grew membership by 20% in 2013-14 but now we have strengthen our membership drive.”


In the first half of 2014-15, GJF has already organized 7 Labham training programmes in various cities such as Rajkot, New Delhi, Behrampur (Orissa), Chennai, Thane, Bangalore and Hyderabad, covering almost 1,000 jewellers who have benefitted from this program. GJF intends to target 24 cities across India up-to March 2015.


GJF’s Trust Mark Model (TMM) is a unique ‘Business Excellence Model for systems and processes’ initiative that will help G&J members to grow their business and become more efficient. The Trustmark is an exclusive model for business growth through implementation of systems & processes & practices for growth and managing risks.


An All Stakeholders Meet was held on June 17, 2014 at ITC Grand Central, Mumbai, on changing faces of Hallmarking and proposed UID scheme by BIS. Many people participated in the meeting which comprised of representatives from Hallmarking Centres, GJF and members from GJF Affiliated Associations. The consensus in the meeting was that the UID system is not practical and the industry is not ready to implement the same.


The Joint Co-ordination Committee Meeting was held between GJF & GJEPC was held on July 20, 2014 during IIJS venue. The Joint co-ordination committee meeting to be held at least twice in a year to address key industry issues. The first issue of the long awaited B2B Magazine - Gems & Jewellery Times - one of the prestigious initiatives of GJF was launched during GJF Nite during IIJS in July 2014.


About GJF:

GJF is the national nodal and the largest single trade body in India for the promotion and growth of trade in gems and jewellery across India. It represents over 6,00,000 players comprising manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, laboratories, gemologists, designers and allied services to the domestic Gems & Jewellery industry. The Gems & Jewellery industry is a hand crafted and labour intensive with over 1 crore strong labour force engaged in the manufacturing of jewellery industry in the domestic sector. The Federation’s mission is to support and promote the progress and prosperity of all the members in the gems and jewellery industry across India. It also provides regular news updated on notifications, rules and regulations declared by the Government. It promotes the trade, by participating in promotional events on a national level. It encourages the trade through the organization of consumer exhibits in India. It also counsels educational and research institutes that help in developing superior quality and high standards for effective functioning of the trade.


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Board of Directors of GJF at the 9th AGM
Board of Directors of GJF at the 9th AGM
Mr Haresh Soni (Chairman, GJF) and Mr Manish Jain, Vice Chairman, GJF with Ms Nirupa Bhatt (Director, GJF)  lighting the ceremonial lamp as other Directors look on
Mr Haresh Soni (Chairman, GJF) and Mr Manish Jain, Vice Chairman, GJF with Ms Nirupa Bhatt (Director, GJF) lighting the ceremonial lamp as other Directors look on
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