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Allen Now Flying High in Digital Education

Dec 27, 2022 13:53 IST 
Kota, Rajasthan, India
  • Distances are over, ALLEN Digital is reaching every home

  • After the record in offline, now ALLEN Digital prepared to set new dimensions


ALLEN Career Institute, which has established itself in offline classroom coaching in the field of career building in medical and engineering, is now setting new dimensions in the field of online and digital education. After starting offline to online mode in a very short time during covid-19 to give the best coaching to students sitting at home in adverse conditions, ALLEN made a start in the field of digital education, which has now become a complete success. Now in the field of digital and online education, studies are being conducted for the preparation of the engineering entrance exam IIT-JEE and medical entrance exam NEET. Admissions have started for sessions 2023-24 in ALLEN Digital. The benefit of Early Fee-Benefit Admission is also being offered. Concession in fees is being given to the students taking admission till the stipulated date.


Distances are over, ALLEN Digital is reaching every home


Anand Maheshwari, Head of ALLEN Digital Division, said that with 34 years of experience, ALLEN Digital has confidently emerged as the most trusted online learning platform in the country. Students and parents are connecting with ALLEN Digital. ALLEN Digital has now made it easier for such students, who could not study in Kota or in the cities near their residences and also face a lack of funds and other resources for their studies. At present, ALLEN Digital has started admissions in JEE-Mains, JEE Mains-Advanced, NEET UG, Pre-Nurture and Career Foundation for Classes 6 to 10, Science Olympiad and Foundation Course of IIT JEE and NEET.


In 34 years of establishment since 1988, ALLEN has guided more than 27 lakh students and currently, more than 11,000 personnel are associated with ALLEN. With more than 1.25 lakh students in Kota and 2 lakh 75 thousand offline classroom coaching students in the country, ALLEN is the largest institute in the country for engineering and medical entrance exam preparation. More than 1.25 lakh students in a single institute in the same city Kota is a world record in itself. With this experience and experts, a new history is being written at ALLEN Digital


Maheshwari says that our aim is to reach out to every student. In the era of technology, we can provide quality education to students sitting at home, who are not able to fulfill their dreams by going to Kota or other big cities. For such students, ALLEN Digital is a better option. Our priority is to ensure the best content and timely delivery. ALLEN Digital is now reaching every household by going beyond adverse conditions, routes, and geographical conditions. With the best faculty team and advanced learning-friendly study material and digital content, ALLEN Career Institute is now providing this facility to students through ALLEN Digital.


Benefits of Kota Experts

Students are getting the benefit of Kota Coaching experts sitting at home through ALLEN Digital. There are many IITians and NITians in Kota and many MBBS doctors who are serving as faculties. This is the reason why students are giving priority to the lectures and videos of experts and are working hard to fulfil their dreams.

ALLEN Content is best

Graphics and motion are used optimally in digital content which makes the subject very easy to understand. Topics are designed keeping in mind the interest and understanding ability of the students. Through various mediums, the digital material of the topic is made so accessible that students can understand it very easily. ALLEN Digital provides students with high-quality educational content that is great for learners.

Students got a better option

ALLEN Digital's content is being created under the guidance of expert faculties and 34 years of experience at ALLEN Career Institute, which is one of the best in the country. This is the reason why a large number of students have started joining ALLEN Digital with its announcement. Students have got an option in the form of ALLEN Digital. Enthusiasm is also being seen among the students of pre-nurture and career foundations along with engineering and medical entrance exams.

Interactive and Recorded Sessions

Students can self-assess themselves in ALLEN Digital. Family members can also get information about the students. You can see how many hours were spent on which topic. Video and audio conferencing, notes sharing, and digital whiteboards make online learning more accessible. ALLEN Digital has live interactive classes along with recorded video lectures which can be accessed later by the students. Many times students are upset due to not being present in classes so in such cases they can study their missed classes through recorded videos. In ALLEN Digital, students' problems to solutions are discussed in interactive classes. These sessions are very beneficial for the students because problems to solutions ranging from fundamental to advanced are given in it.


Doubt Sessions

If there is any problem in regular or recorded lectures, if doubts remain in any topic, then doubt resolution is also done through live doubt removal sessions and app. Daily Practice Papers and Test Series are also organized for regular practice. If the doubt is not cleared live, then students can send their questions through the app in the format of audio, image, and text. These doubts are cleared by expert faculties.


ALLEN Career Institute

ALLEN Career Institute, established in Kota on 18 April 1988, is India's premier coaching institute which offers coaching for JEE Advanced, JEE-Mains, Pre-Medical NEET-UG, Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Rajasthan Administrative Service (RAS), Rajasthan Judicial Service (RJS), Commerce, CLAT, IPMAT, Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation (Class 6 to 10, NTSE & Olympiad) preparation. ALLEN's focus is on strengthening the student's foundation of knowledge and concepts. ALLEN provides the best platform for students to prepare for competitive exams and class 12 syllabuses. Since its inception, 27 lakh students have taken guidance from ALLEN. At present, the family has more than 11 thousand members, of which IITians, Doctors, CA, and CS professionals are serving as faculties. Students fulfill their dreams through the academic support and personal care provided here. ALLEN's core values of determination, honesty, authenticity, integrity, inspiration, social concern, collective thinking, ethical responsibility, and concern for society and the environment set it apart from others. Here one moves ahead with the thought of values to success. ALLEN is dedicated and determined to do everything possible for the success of the students with expert faculty and an experienced system. There are continuous efforts for the students for their social, cultural, academic, and all-around development.


For more information, please call: +91-9513736499 WhatsApp: +91-7849901001 Email: [email protected].

Distances are over, ALLEN Digital is reaching every home
Distances are over, ALLEN Digital is reaching every home
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