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Amadeus helps Airlines Overcome Schedule Disruptions with First-in-class Data Analytics Tool

New Travel Intelligence solution enables carriers to improve customer service and run operations more efficiently

Oct 23, 2015   12:38 IST 
India; Bangkok, Thailand

Amadeus today announces the launch of a cutting-edge Travel Intelligence solution for airlines, Amadeus Schedule Recovery, which minimises disruptions to operations caused by external events such as bad weather or air traffic control congestion. Amadeus Schedule Recovery serves as a recommendation engine, using data analytics to help quickly and efficiently identify the most critical issues, and act upon them.


This solution helps airlines make rapid choices such as whether to delay or cancel flights, swap aircraft, or reassign landing slots. Schedule Recovery reduces manual effort and improves the quality of decisions while closely controlling the strain on the airline operating costs and minimising the overall impact on passengers.


The launch customer of the solution, Qantas Airways – Australia’s largest carrier – has been using Schedule Recovery to improve operational efficiencies when dealing with disruptions.


“At Qantas, we take the impact of disruptions on our customers very seriously. The Amadeus solution helps reduce the number of and length of delays, whether due to excessive traffic, operational delays, or weather conditions, leading to an overall improved experience for travellers,” said Paul Fraser, Head of Operations at Qantas. “Amadeus has developed a product that improves our efficiency and speed to ensure any delays to our services are minimised.”


Schedule Recovery supports any airline where the size and organisational complexity of its operations, and the need to act quickly, makes it difficult for manual decision-making to take in the full operational and customer picture. It does not require an airline to use any other Amadeus solution, and can be integrated with any passenger service system.


The solution is divided into three modules: Airport Resource Tracker, Schedule Manager and Schedule Optimiser. 


Airport Resource Tracker, the first module, which is being launched today, provides unique capabilities to airlines at a time when growing air traffic is placing ever-increasing demands on airports and airspace capacity. The module enables airlines to interact more efficiently with air traffic control so that the best possible use can be made of available airport arrival and departure slots.


Check-in facilities, airport gates and luggage belts are other examples of airport capacity constraints, where poor operations control decisions could result in disruption to the passenger experience. Airport Resource Tracker allows these to be factored into airline decision-making to ensure a smooth journey.


Pascal Clement, Head of Travel Intelligence, Amadeus, said, “In today’s business, providing an excellent customer experience is essential to maintaining loyalty. One of the biggest pain points for travellers has been how airlines manage disruptions. Schedule Recovery has been designed to help airlines make quicker and more informed decisions about how to handle disruptions, regardless of their cause.” He added: “From a business perspective, operations control decisions are often difficult to measure and are kept in silos. Schedule Recovery drives a more integrated view of operations and ensures airlines can assess all aspects of the costs associated with any operations control decisions.”


The solution, which uses real-time business intelligence and very rich visualisation, can be readily adapted to the unique priorities of each airline as well as to their changing business needs.


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About Amadeus

Amadeus is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry. Customer groups include travel providers (e.g. airlines, hotels, rail and ferry operators, etc.), travel sellers (travel agencies and websites), and travel buyers (corporations and travel management companies).


The Amadeus group employs around 13,000 people worldwide, across central sites in Madrid (corporate headquarters), Nice (development) and Erding (operations), as well as 71 local Amadeus Commercial Organisations globally.


The group operates a transaction-based business model. 


Amadeus is listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange under the symbol "AMS.MC" and is a component of the IBEX 35 index.


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About Amadeus Travel Intelligence

The Amadeus Travel Intelligence business unit was established to capitalise on Amadeus’ 25 years of experience dealing with travel data and high performance technology, and to extract value for Amadeus customers from the one billion transactions Amadeus processes each day. The business unit looks to connect travel processes and leverage Big Data technologies to help travel players differentiate themselves within the market and enhance the traveller experience. Amadeus Travel Intelligence customers include airlines, travel agencies, corporations, and Destination Marketing Offices (DMOs). The Unit also addresses all the other key business segments of the travel industry.


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