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Source Name: Amazon to Offer Chetan Bhagat’s New Book ‘Making India Awesome’ Exclusively

Jul 23, 2015   20:59 IST 
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, India’s largest online store will start exclusive pre-orders -starting today- for bestselling Indian author Chetan Bhagat’s latest non-fiction book Making India Awesome.  Following the phenomenal success of his first non-fiction book, What Young India Wants, Chetan Bhagat returns with another book of essays in which he analyses and provides inspired solutions to the country's most intractable problems—poverty, unemployment, corruption, violence against women, communal violence, religious fundamentalism, illiteracy and more.


Using simple language and concepts, this book will enable readers to understand the most complex of problems facing the nation today and present practical solutions on how every citizen can play his / her part in solving them.


Some Extracts

Transforming society’s values is especially important. Let’s take an example. If we want to eradicate the menace of corruption, every dishonest act must create deep revulsion within us. Fighting corruption is not restricted to naming and shaming a few corrupt officials. If we think it is okay to cheat in exams, lie to a ticket collector in the train about our kids’ ages and pay a bit of money to avoid a big traffic fine, then at some level we clearly don’t care about eliminating corruption all that much. At best, we hate the politician who gets to steal (while we don’t).


The average Indian anywhere in the country is looking for a better quality of life, a certain amount of hope and security and the freedom to make personal choices. The issues that really matter to us are the same. Differences exist, but they don’t run as deep as our politicians would have us believe. A Maharashtrian father wants a good college for his son and doesn’t care whether his MP is a Maharashtrian. An Assamese girl wants the freedom to marry her boyfriend, as does a woman in Karnataka.


This similarity of aspirations, at a fundamental level, is what gives me hope. It offers me—and others like me on a national platform—an opportunity to connect everyone. While fiction is fun and entertaining, writers like me also need to share common concerns with the population and propose a few deliverables.


The book will be released online and offline on 19th August, 2015. which runs India’s largest bookstore across offline and online formats has seen great demand for non-fiction books in addition to fiction written by Indian authors. While the latter continues to remain the highest selling genre, with rising exposure to media and acceleration in internet penetration, Indian online shoppers are reading more non-fiction than ever before. 

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