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Animal Planet Brings a New Season of 'Biggest and Baddest'

To air Mon-Fri at 9 pm, starting 2nd February

Jan 27, 2015   16:37 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

You have seen him tracking through dangerous snake-infested jungles; wrestling with Anacondas to measure them, facing enraged wild elephants in Nepal; measuring and tagging ferocious crocs; and taking DNA samples of giant hogs.  Biologist-adventurer Niall McCann goes deeper, further and deadlier in his quest to discover the planet’s most formidable animals in a new season of BIGGEST AND BADDEST to air on Animal Planet, weekdays (Monday to Friday) at 9 pm, starting February 2nd.


Canadian biologist and adventurer McCann seeks out fantastic animals in far corners of the Earth, using every mode of transport available: by land, sea, on planes, in a jeep, by canoe, and on elephant back.  While McCann encounters some of the most formidable creatures on the planet, the explorer delivers important conservation messages, as he discovers areas of human conflict, habitat destruction, and other critical issues that threaten these magnificent animals. 


BIGGEST AND BADDEST sees Niall McCann going after the largest and fiercest animals in the world, following up on reported sightings of legendary creatures and abnormally huge or dangerous animals.  Watch him catching a giant man-eating crocodile and releasing it again far from human habitation; performing a medical intervention on an injured silverback gorilla deep in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park; finding an enormous African rock python in Queen Elizabeth National Park; putting GPS collars on lions in Uganda; flying low over Angel Falls in Venezuela and seeing Solar Glory and Brocken Spectre in the mist of the most magnificent of cataracts.


Niall encounters some of the world's most charismatic and dangerous animals- and in so doing uncovers the background story of human-animal conflict.  Niall begins his journey in Uganda, where a 25 feet crocodile has been caught. Is this croc a man-eater? Niall joins gorilla doctors in Uganda's Bwindi Forest to tend to some unwell primates. He travels to a national park to learn how some villagers are to blame for the decline in lion numbers.


Join Niall McCann on an exciting global adventure to find the BIGGEST AND BADDEST creatures on the planet!


About Nial McCann:

TV Presenter, Explorer, Adventurer, Biologist.

Niall McCann is a bona fide Explorer Scientist, the likes of which has rarely been seen since the great era of Victorian Exploration. He is a travel/adventurer by nature and is completely at home in the jungle and on the road. It was Niall’s father who first presented him with a large boa constrictor to handle, at the age of 15. As a result, Niall jumps at the chance to tackle any snake- from small, fast and venomous to huge giant constrictors like Anacondas.


At 33, Niall McCann is an extraordinary young man, who’s crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a row boat, crossed Greenland’s polar ice cap, traversed slack lines over 2500 ft chasms at Yosemite and ventured on jungle research expeditions around the world. Niall has just finished shooting a Gryphon Productions Wildlife/Adventure series called “Biggest & Baddest” for Animal Planet, which will premiere in India on 1st February.


In 2010-11, Niall made his television debut as the host of a one hour award-winning PBS Television special “Lost in the Amazon” produced by Gryphon Productions. He’s currently completing his PhD (University of Cardiff) on Baird’s Tapir in the Honduran jungle. Niall is in the process of creating a Wildlife Preserve in Guyana and has petitioned the Honduran Government to protect and patrol his study site- the domain of the Tapir and other wildlife. In his work on Biggest & Baddest (2011-2013), pursuing large and formidable creatures worldwide, he has been promoting animal conservation and the dilemmas facing many of these species seen in the series.


Niall has his BSc. degree from Bristol in Zoology and will be graduating with his Doctorate in Zoology from Cardiff University next Spring. This year he can also add “Fellow Explorer of the Royal Geographical Society” to his list of prestigious accomplishments.

Niall McCann was born in Victoria, Canada, into a family of adventurers and grew up in Shrewsbury, in England’s most rural county: Shropshire.


About Animal Planet:

Animal Planet is the world’s only brand that immerses viewers in emotional, engaging and passionate content devoted to animals – from wildlife to pets. Animal Planet connects humans and animals with rich, deep content and offers animal lovers access to entertainment, information and enrichment. Animal Planet launched in Asia Pacific in 1998 and is currently distributed to over 180 million subscribers in the region.

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Gorillas in Uganda
Gorillas in Uganda
Niall and tranquilized lion

Niall and tranquilized lion
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