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Antarmanh Climbs the Wellness Assurance ladder even Higher, Onboards a 'Chief Happiness Officer'

Dec 01, 2022 15:17 IST 
Gurugram, Haryana, India

Antarmanh Consulting, a global Wellness partner for transforming organizations through people enhancement, has been in the growth spurt especially since the pandemic. Owing to the multifold expansion, the organization, headed by Seema Rekha, a global leader in the wellness sector, has taken a remarkable step for ensuring their employees’ wellness - onboarding of a Chief Happiness Officer. Priti JaiPrakash, a renowned lifecoach with a diverse experience for over 2 decades has joined Antarmanh at the esteemed position.


The organization is growing multifold across the globe, and has taken an astounding conscious step towards their own employee wellbeing. The group of Global transformational Management Consultants, Talent Development Consultants, Psychologists, Learning Consultants, Business Leadership coaches and Wellness coaches who are acting as a catalyst to strengthen the culture of collaboration and mutual trust at the workplace, now have an added assurance of the same for themselves.


Priti JaiPrakash, Chief Happiness Officer at Antarmanh


Priti JaiPrakash said, “Antarmanh is not just an organization, it is a revolution in mental wellbeing. Happy client organizations globally is a reflection of the vision & values of the organization. In this role, I shall ensure and prioritize the well being of our Mental Health experts.”


Seema Rekha, Managing Director at Antarmanh expressed, “We are glad to have Priti Jaiprakash. She is passionate about her vision of ensuring and establishing the culture of well-being not just for our clients but internally too. She brings experience & expertise in coaching hence developing organizations.”


Antarmanh was established in 2012 and registered as a company in 2013 by Ms. Seema Rekha, a Business/Leadership Coach, Management Consultant and Social Entrepreneur. Ms Seema felt a significant dearth in the focus that organisations laid on the mental health of their team/employees. This emotion motivated her to ideate and introduce Antarmanh. The brand helps in aligning mental well-being strategies with business outcomes.

Antarmanh Team aids client organisations in strategizing and creating psychologically safer cultures, such that teams and leaders work in a collaborative environment of mutual trust. The self-driven team of experts at Antarmanh work from the ground up by honing the mental agility of teams and leaders so that organisations are fit to face accelerating changes in technology, business expectations and society at large.

Priti JaiPrakash, Chief Happiness Officer at Antarmanh
Priti JaiPrakash, Chief Happiness Officer at Antarmanh
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