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APAR Anushakti wires sets its course to future-proof Indian houses for the next 50 years

APAR Industries launches its 2nd TVC with Sonu Sood, taking a grand leap into 2070, featuring APAR Anushakti wires, powered by electron beam technology

Jan 20, 2023 17:08 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Are you ready to witness the future?


APAR Industries Limited recently launched its second TVC with brand Ambassador Mr. Sonu Sood, featuring APAR Anushakti, the only wires in the Indian market, powered by electron beam technology.


APAR Anushakti Wires and Cables - 50 years of life


With a dazzling depiction of the year 2070, The ad envisages the future where we take jet packs to work, plan travel through 3D interactive holographic computers and have robotic pets teach our children lessons.


Mr. Sonu Sood traverses through the future life of Indians, where households have upgraded and adopted all the latest technologies.


He concludes by revealing, in 50 years time a lot will change, but what won’t change in a house are the APAR Anushakti wires and cables, that offer 50 years of life, powering the future.


Electricity consumption in Indian homes has tripled since 2000. As the number of gadgets, appliances and household energy requirements increase day-by-day, APAR Industries, through the ad campaign, is raising awareness across the country; for the installation of electrical wires that sustain an increasing electricity load not just for 10-20 years but for the next 50 years. If existing wires cannot handle these growing energy demands, short-circuits will occur, endangering our beloved homes and families.


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On the release of the campaign, Mr. Kushal N Desai, Chairman and Managing Director of APAR Industries - shared his vision and said, "True to our corporate tagline - Tomorrow’s solutions today, we anticipated the needs of our customers and the nation’s energy requirements and developed APAR Anushakti wires powered by electron beam technology. This is a revolutionary product that has been innovated by APAR, contributing meaningfully to making this world a more energy efficient, environmentally sustainable and safe place." 


Mr. Shashi Amin, CEO of APAR Cable Solutions, said, "We know in 50 years, path-breaking technology that we never even anticipated will become a part of our daily life, considerably increasing total electricity consumption and voltage requirements. APAR Anushakti is specially designed to anticipate the futuristic needs of India. Welcome home APAR Anushakti wires today and forget the need to upgrade them for the next 50 years!"


Loaded with futuristic innovative features, APAR Anushakti wires and cables are heat resistant up to 105oC, melt-resistant and give 50 years of life. Witness the future on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter.


The Ad is live on TV in Kerela, and on digital platforms Pan India.


Enjoy the ad in local languages: Hindi | Gujarati | Kannada | Telugu | Tamil | Malayalam.


About APAR Industries Limited

Founded in 1958, APAR Industries Limited is a diversified billion-dollar conglomerate with a strong presence in over 140 countries.


As the largest aluminium and alloy conductor manufacturer and the 3rd largest transformer oil manufacturer, the company enjoys a leadership position in the global markets. APAR also offers over 350 grades of speciality oils, the largest range of speciality cables, lubricants, speciality automotive and polymers.


Backed by innovative products and seamless service the company has become a trusted brand among major transformer OEMs, power utilities, EPC majors, automotive OEMs and telecommunication companies globally. The company is poised to continuously develop new products and solutions for its customers, equipped with technologically advanced R&D centres, 8 manufacturing locations in India and 1 in Sharjah (UAE), to deliver tomorrow’s solutions today.

APAR Anushakti Wires and Cables - 50 years of life
APAR Anushakti Wires and Cables - 50 years of life

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