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Ashiana Housing Ltd. Hosted A Fun Evening for Seniors to Socialize

A musical gala evening for Senior Citizens

May 01, 2019   11:38 IST 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Ashiana Housing Ltd. (NSE & BSE Listed), a 40 year old Indian real estate development company that launched its first Senior Living project in 2005 has come up with an innovative sales and marketing initiative “Know your neighbour” to connect with the elderly community. 


A musical gala evening for seniors at Ashiana Shubham Chennai


Know your neighbour” was recently held at Ashiana Shubham Chennai. The gala musical evening was paired with dinner and it also witness fun filled activities for senior citizens.


Fun evening at Ashiana Shubham Chennai


It is a platform where the present customers and prospective customers were invited for a get together, where they got to socialize. The gala dinner acted as a dais for approximately 200+ senior citizens’ aged 55-85 in Chennai. 


"This initiative was in line with our philosophy which is to encourage the seniors to live an independent, healthier, more active life. Our residents who are healthy retirees shared their insights and experience with those in need of a little physical, mental, or emotional "tune-up”. We also organised plenty of fun activities to suit their interest. In fact we have been encouraging such events as it is commendable to see the zeal and enthusiasm which is there in the seniors who attended the event,” said Mr. Peter Raj, VP, Ashiana Housing Ltd


Events such as these are an exciting mix of interesting things put together. The eagerness and the fervour that the “know your neighbour” event created were praiseworthy. I got to socialize with a lot of people who were new to the senior living concept. I am happy that I could share my wonderful experience with them!," said Dr. Mohan Dhas, Resident, Ashiana Shubham, Chennai.


Socializing at any age is exciting and is a must! Now is the time to do the things you love and mingle with others. I had an amazing time getting to know new people and I think Ashiana Shubham had put up a very interesting concept. I am surely heads up for a senior living!” said Mr. Kala Balakrishnan, Prospective Customer.


Ashiana Shubham provides community living for seniors and is based on the philosophy that at every age we require friend or company of those who are like minded. This provides an emotional support system, which along with a calendar full of mental and physical activities, makes for a long, healthy life. Also Ashiana Shubham is designed to offer all the comforts of a regular home with additional functionality and detailing to suit its senior resident’s needs. It also has all the systems in place to ensure maximum safety and security of its residents.


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A musical gala evening for seniors at Ashiana Shubham Chennai
A musical gala evening for seniors at Ashiana Shubham Chennai
Fun evening at Ashiana Shubham Chennai
Fun evening at Ashiana Shubham Chennai
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