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Axestrack Founder, Rahul Yadav has been Recognized Amongst Promising Business Leaders of Asia 2022 by ET Edge - An Economic Times Initiative

Apr 06, 2022 16:13 IST 
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

An IIT graduate & MBA from HEC Paris, Mr. Rahul Yadav began his entrepreneurial journey by founding Hi-Tech Agricare in 2008 which paved the way for creating India’s First Unified Digital Logistics Platform - Axestrack.


Mr. Rahul Yadav

The Economic Times has recently felicitated, Mr. Rahul Yadav, Director & Founder of Axestrack Software Solutions Private Limited as one of the “Promising Business Leaders of the Asia Award 2022”. This event was aimed at recognizing eminent business leaders and trailblazers, who have made a mark by unlocking the business potentials and economies to outmaneuver the pandemic.


Rahul has an illustrious vision of “Unifying the Indian Logistics Sector” by infusing breakthrough digital technologies to gain insight-driven processes and orchestrate the supply chain ecosystem. He is a leading innovator with a first-mover advantage of creating a valuable impact in transforming the future of the logistics industry with functional expertise and extensive strategy.


Being an industry leader, Axestrack offers well-executed services and solutions with design-thinking led approaches to achieve operational efficiency and meet customer demands. Driven by innovation, Rahul has discovered the core value proposition with cutting-edge technological competence. He believes that the key to overhauling is deploying the digital ecosystem to the farthest corner of the supply chain.


On such a great occasion of getting recognized, Rahul shared his views, “I would like to thank ET for recognizing our efforts and our contribution to transforming the digital logistics landscape. This recognition is a sheer effort of our high-spirited team's dedication and brilliance. The big eureka moment came two years back when we started to design solutions that have the capability and potential to transform how goods are being transported in India. Gladly, when Axestrack hit the market, our solutions resonated with the end customers and we got a tremendous response from all fronts with a success rate of 100% across industries whether it be Automobile, Cement, Metal, Mining, and various others. Lastly, I am extremely grateful to all the customers for putting their trust in us. We are all set and committed to providing Indian transformation its many firsts.”


Team Axestrack


As we are aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged logistics and cranked up the demand of the supply chain ecosystem. The dynamic nature of demand has become inevitable, Axestrack has accelerated the adoption of new-age technologies and started implementing the pioneering ideas of Digital-First Strategies. The pandemic prompted the organization to spur the predicted demand patterns and create a truly resilient supply chain. Emphasizing the importance of automation, the organization is providing solutions that are designed to automate complex and simple tasks. These solutions stabilize the businesses to overcome the contemporarily pandemic challenges by delivering greater efficiency.


Moving ahead with the ceaseless commitment, Rahul Yadav is changing the dynamics of the Indian transportation sector. His perseverance and determination are remarkable for responding to disruptions. The phenomenal award is to acknowledge his unflinching reputation for leveraging an Enterprise Digital Thread that leads to an exponential growth of businesses. Solidifying the processes with standout digital technologies, robotics, big data approach, artificial intelligence has become essential for exploring endless possibilities and empowering clients.


Axestrack aims to be a catalyst for digitally transforming the Indian transportation sector and delivering the AI-Powered next-gen business models to address unforeseen situations. Therefore, by offering state-of-the-art logistics capabilities with LoCoST which stands for Location Cost Safety & Time. LoCoST is a game-changer thinking and a key growth driver for today’s augmented supply chain ecosystem. The world is changing and adopting digitalization is bringing a collaborative approach that tends to prepare your business for the tech of tomorrow.


Rahul believes that a more dynamic and network-driven approach enables a seamless flow of information which can lead to a future-ready intelligent supply chain. His adherence to implementing pioneering ideas and solutions in the logistics industry is fostering business growth and elevates the customer experience.


“This endearing journey was full of learnings and many milestones! These humbling achievements motivate us to create smart logistics by facilitating ideation and visibility. To revolutionize and envision a digital ecosystem in the supply chain, I can proudly say that Axestrack moves the nation,” stated Rahul Yadav.


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Mr. Rahul Yadav
Mr. Rahul Yadav
Team Axestrack
Team Axestrack
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